Photo by Paul B Goode
Northrop Presents

Paul Taylor Dance Company

2014//15 Northrop Season - Live Music with Piazzolla Caldera
Sep 2014
About the Event

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Aureole (1962)
Beloved Renegade (2008)
Piazzolla Caldera (1997)

Featuring live music from the Pablo Ziegler Quintet for Piazzolla Caldera

The Paul Taylor Dance Company, established in 1954, is one of the world's most highly respected and sought-after ensembles. Taylor himself became a cultural icon and one of history's most celebrated artists, hailed as part of the pantheon that created American modern dance.

Set to a baroque music score, Aureole is often lauded as one of Taylor's first big successes. With an irresistably light spirit, Aureole contains Taylor's signature long limbed and lyrical movement vocabulary.

Beloved Renegade was inspired by the life and work of 19th Century American writer Walt Whitman, who revered the body and soul as one and who famously loved all with equal ardor, specifically the line from Leaves of Grass: “I am the poet of the body and I am the poet of the soul.”

Piazzola Caldera infuses Astor Piazzolla’s tango music without a single authentic tango step. Taylor’s choreography captures the essence of tango culture, including the sexuality and the dizzy headiness.

Want another chance to see Pablo Ziegler perform live? Pablo Ziegler's New Tango Ensemble performs at the Dakota Jazz Club and Restaurant on Fri, Sep 26, 7:00 pm (the night before the Paul Taylor Dance Company performance). Order your tickets for that concert here and enjoy two extraordinary performances. 

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Photo by Paul B Goode
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