Alice Sheppard, a light-skinned Black woman, has her arms raised in the air and appears to be flying or jumping in her wheelchair in front of a blue sky background.
Photo: Safety Third Productions/Shimmy Boyle
Walker Art Center and Northrop Present

Short films featuring "Revel in Your Body"

2020-21 Northrop Film Series
Mon, Nov 30, 6:30 pm CST
FREE and open to the public, Registration recommended
About the Event

A curated selection of short films focused on arts and disability, this screening features Kinetic Light’s own riveting Revel In Your Body, which captures the artists’ stunning choreography in slow motion to reveal the joy of flight on wheels.

Not rated by the MPAA
Total running times TBD

These films are presented in conjunction with Kinteic Light.

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Photo: Safety Third Productions/Shimmy Boyle