Black Label Movement. Photo by V. Paul Virtucio
Presented by The Institute for Advanced Study

Substantive Collaborations Between Dancers and Scientists

A Thursdays at Four event
Apr 2014
About the Event

How did an unlikely collaboration become so fruitful? David Odde, a biomedical engineer, and Black Label Movement, a collective of dance artists led by choreographer Carl Flink, team up to combine dance and science, shining new light on both.

Odde studies the mechanics of cell division and migration. His group builds computer models of cellular and molecular self-assembly dynamics, and tests them using digital imaging of cells in engineered microenvironments. Black Label Movement (BLM) is a Minneapolis/St. Paul based dance theater led by choreographer Carl Flink who is dedicated to creating wildly physical, naturally virtuosic, intellectually and emotionally engaging art. BLM is recognized for its intense athleticism, daring risk taking and variety of performance modalities beyond the traditional concert dance structure. With Black Label Movement, Flink and Odde have explored the concept of “bodystorming,” in which human “movers” act as molecules that diffuse, undergo reactions, and generate/absorb forces.

Black Label Movement. Photo by V. Paul Virtucio