Institute for Advanced Study Presents

“The Women are Coming” Gendered Spaces of Protest

IAS Thursdays
Apr 2017
About the Event

Zakia Salime is Associate Professor of Sociology and Women’s and Gender Studies at Rutgers. She is currently teaching at Yale as a President Visiting Professor of Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies. Her publications include Between Feminism and Islam: Women’s Rights and Sharia Law in Morocco (Minnesota Press 2011) and Freedom without Permission: Bodies and Space in the Arab Revolutions, co-edited with Frances Hasso (Duke 2016). Her areas of expertise include globalization, postcolonial condition, social movements, political Islam, feminist theory, development, and neoliberal transformations with a focus on the MENA region. She is currently working on land right movements with an emphasis on the nexus of gender, ethnicity, and class in neoliberal transformations.