Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Performance Reflection

Mar 01, 2016


AAADT in Exodus by Rennie Harris. Photo by Paul Kolnik.

Thank you for attending the performance by Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater! Did you attend the film screening or performance preview? What did you think of the show? Join the conversation!

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Loved the first three dances!! Incredible. Revelations should now be retired. I've seen it three times. Not up to the quality of AA work.

While we are at it, lets also retire Agon, Appalachian Spring, Push Comes to Shove and The Nutcracker. Must disagree. Revelations is timeless.

ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE MY FAVORITE TONIGHT WAS EXODUS!! WOW WHAT A DANCE!!! I LOVED REVELATIONS it to me has the most dynamic choreography in terms of the high jump leaps & turns what a classic!

An amazing company. the music was so loud, especially for the first two pieces, that it almost overpowered the dancers. Revelations continues to be a classic expression of joy

One of the best night in years. 55 years of creativity and virtuosity. Bravo Alvin Ailey! Hurray Northrup Dance!

Only a few times have I made comments...mmmmmm. They are so technically perfect...better than most we have seen over our last 10 years as subscribers. GIVE ME A the total performances how many BREAKS did you see in their fast paced dance? The music was beautful for their style. I do think loudness can come into play, but not for this masterful performance. REPEAT? mmmmm...YES for revelations. But did you see and listen to the audience after the closing. mmmmmm...were you sitting or standing RIGHT AWAY. My family would love to see them again in a few years! Maybe they cut Revelations to 1/16,

I believe the University should rethink how we who cannot climb steps should be seated. When ordering my ticket, I asked for handicap seating and the fact that I use a walker. My sear allowed me to have a handicap seat. However,getting to it was quite a challenge.

We have been talking to Northrup Dance about the same issue, starting with parking. Seems odd that they spent so much money on the interior, which is magnificent, and did nothing to improve handicapped parking and access to the theater. We think nothing will change until there is a grassroots effort or perhaps media attention. Contact us at to join the effort.

I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of dances! Loved the solo performance! I've been a subscriber for about 10 years-- a true highlight! I clapped and clapped, yelled "Bravo" as well as stood for an ovation with entire audience in appreciation! I'm anticipating their return in a couple years.

My 2nd concert at renovated Northrop-- I could not enter at West side as 2 Security guards said to turn around & drive to East entrance. My seat is in Scholar's Circle, taking East elevator to 3rd level & walking with my walker completely to West side, I needed to sit 5 minutes on a bench to rest. I attend alone. Why was West handicapped entrance closed?

This was one of the best we have seen. We loved it!

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