American Ballet Theatre Post-Performance Reflection

Apr 04, 2014

After experiencing the large production of Giselle by American Ballet Theatre seen on the Carlson Family Stage this weekend, we have some questions for you to reflect upon.

  • What did you notice about the character of Giselle and how her character relates to the period in which Giselle was choreographed (late 19th century)?
  • What did the elaborate scenery remind you of?
  • How did you feel about the death of Giselle in the arms of Albrecht?
  • How did the fullness of the live orchestra make you feel?
  • What questions does the story raise?
  • How did the excellent acoustics and sightlines aid your experience?

Tell us about your experience at Northrop's Grand Reopening. We would to hear your thoughts on the performance and the reimagined Northrop. Did you attend the Northrop Inside Out After Dark Grand Reopening Gala Festivities? Do you have a new Northrop story?

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