Compagnie Käfig Performance Reflection

Mar 10, 2015

What were your thoughts about Compagnie Käfig performance?

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Loved it! Creative, fun, energetic.

Best dance I've seen in a year.

Absolutely fantastic. Creative, lively and above all else purely fun!

This was one of the most imaginative and humorous performances I have seen in nearly 45 years of dance viewing! The choreography was innovative to say the least, the dancers were on-the-beat and well-synchronized, and some of the moves were amazing. Thank you for presenting this great show.

I attended last night's performance of Compagnie Kafig - I absolutely loved it!! There wasn't a minute that my mind wandered, they fully engaged my attention, my wonder, my heart, laughter, and amazement. The choreography and artistry was some of the best I've ever seen! I told my friend who attended with me, if they ever come back to town, I'd like to return with 3 more friends! Thank you for including them in this year's artists. This is exactly why I love to go see excellent quality theater/dance - to come away feeling inspired, refreshed & more alive! Bless you!

I've attended numerous dance performances in the Northrop series for decades and Kafig was one of the best. I was a dance major in college and appreciated the technique they used, lighting, choreography. The encore was so much fun for the dancers and audience! Great work bringing excellent companies this year.

Best dance performance I've seen in years!! Loved it!! Please bring them back!! The energy and creativity was amazing!

Compagine Kafig was extremely creative, energetic and unique! I loved it! It was one of the best shows I've seen.

I loved Käfig's performance. It was interesting, unique, and so much fun! I can't wait to see them perform again, hopefully back at Northrop!

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