Eifman Ballet Performance Reflection

Apr 28, 2015

What were your thoughts about the Eifman Ballet’s performance?

Did you attend the Performance Preview with President and CEO of Ardani Artists, Sergei Danilian?

How do you think the company portrayed the dramatic life of Auguste Rodin and Camille Claudel? What was the most striking moment for you?

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A truly excellent performance, one of the best I have ever seen. The combination of Eifmann's application of his understanding of the static and dynamic balance points of the human body, and his ability to use "body language" to show emotion and advance the plotline is amazing. The frenetic interludes of work activity, set to upbeat music, showcased the more intensely emotional slower pieces. A great evening, thank you!

The whole thng is miraculously wonderful

Beautiful and powerful! Best show I saw in years. The complex, passionate and destructive relationship in between Rodin and Claudel is perfectly reflected as well as their talent as sculptors.

Wonderful, just wonderful. A fabulous performance. Eifman Ballet Company is a special favorite....Music still too loud, high notes could've broken glass, but better than last time.

Thoroughly enjoyed the performance, nothing not to like except the music which to my ears was a little too loud.

I have not seen any of Eifman’s ballet before, so this is my “outsider” impression. The Rodin ballet production was fast, dynamic, curious and expensive, but overall left a negative and depressing feel. Ballet is an art for your eyes. We go to a ballet to see something beautiful and interesting, we want to be impressed and entertained, most importantly, to get inspired, to take something home, to remember and recall later in our mind again and again similar to traveling. Who would want to dwell on images of creepy looking girls from mad asylum, it did not help that they ware half-dressed, or young and beautiful female sculptor, yet dancing in baggy and stained clothing most of the time? Some scenes were great though: the group dance at a restaurant with a red tablecloth and the couple dance with a red dress. The reporter’s scenes in green suits were cool. Other things were weak: music and sound mix did not support the story, the story was primitive, the “stage” sculptures made of rubber and plastic looked idiotic, and the “human sculptures” looked more like an anatomy lesson rather than an art. It was a full ballet group of 30-40 professional dancers capable of performing anything including traditional full-length ballets like Swan Lake, Giselle or Cinderella. I wish they did just that.

Please invite this dynamic and talented company as often as is possible!

I enjoyed the ballet very much especially in combination with the two films shown as part of the series. The choreography and the company were great however i thought the production would have been enchanced with its own unique score, the cobblered together classical music was not pleasant. Please do something about the over amped sound, after the expense of remodeling Northrop some thought should have gone into the sound system (unfortunate!!!).

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