Five Fast Facts about Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

Sep 13, 2019

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre returns to Northrop on Sat, Sep 28 to open the Northrop 2019-20 Season with The Great Gatsby. Here are Five Fast Facts about the performance to know in advance.

  1. Jorden Morris’ The Great Gatsby marks the fourth ballet adaptation of this story presented by Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. Past productions include those by choreographers John McFall and Lauri E. Stallings in 2008, Bruce Wells in 1996, and Andre Prokovsky in 1987.
  2. In addition to his score for Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre’s The Great Gatsby ballet, film and stage composer Carl Davis also wrote the score for Robert Markowitz’s 2000 film rendition of The Great Gatsby.
  3. Choreographer Jorden Morris is known for his character-driven stories and attention to theatrical detail in telling stories. Among his repertoire includes Peter Pan, The Three Musketeers, and Moulin Rouge: The Ballet, which was presented at Northrop in 2009.
  4. This is artistic director Terrence S. Orr’s final season with Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre after more than 23 years with the company. He will retire June 2020 following the conclusion of PBT’s 50th anniversary season.
  5. Northrop audiences fell in love with Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre’s Mozart in Motion last fall. The program featured a mix of classical, contemporary, and comic ballets paired with Mozart’s delectable music, played by The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra.

Watch a preview of The Great Gatsby below.

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PBT Presents Jorden Morris' The Great Gatsby

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