KEIGWIN + Company is a rare gem in today’s dance world

Mar 26, 2018

KEIGWIN + Company is a fierce force in the contemporary dance world. With their dynamic and witty presence, they truly bridge the commercial and concert dance worlds. Art and entertainment come together as Larry Keigwin’s sense of imagination, joy, and positivity shines through in his work. The company’s dancers radiate with distinct voices in the repertoire, and this emanates as they continues to surprise audiences with innovative movement vocabulary and choreographic themes. Alive and rich with possibility, the company embraces humanity, humor, teamwork and collaboration as the foundation of their signature style. 

Beyond experimenting with fresh ideas in the studio, K+C also has an admirable history of community outreach and educational engagement. They understand the power of immersing everyday people - not just dancers - in the choreographic process. Through past projects like Bolero and the upcoming Dance at the Gym workshop anyone can share in the exciting opportunity to dance to iconic musical masterpieces, while directly engaging with Larry, the company, and professional dancers in the community. Their educational outreach programs continue to grow, offering accessible and valuable tools for professional/pre-professional dancers in the world today. Dance is supposed to be fun, not only technically demanding and precise! While these elements are integral and evident in the company’s dancers, it is clear to see that they transcend those limitations and expand beyond the norm while embracing the J.O.D. (Joy of Dance!) 

KEIGWIN + Company is a rare gem in today’s dance world. With power and grace, they are paving a path in the direction dance is heading. 

Want to see a show leaving you with a surge of inspiration and delight? Don’t miss them at Northrop on April 14!

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