Set and Reset, A Postmodern Iconic Work

Mar 11, 2014

Submitted by Nicole Stumpf | 03/11/14

Thirty years old this year, Set and Reset, is a legendary masterpiece in postmodern dance. It is also the oldest of the works in the repertory that you will see by Trisha Brown in her final tour performance at the Walker Art Center.

The fluid movement quality juxtaposed with geometrical shaping is where the brilliance of Trisha Brown’s choreography lives. Intriguing visuals and minimalistic and melodic sounds will accompany the Trisha Brown Dance Company dancers’ engaging and poetic body language. One of many visuals that will entertain our senses will be the display of three screens that simultaneously broadcast separate video collages in black and white. When Trisha Brown first choreographed this piece in 1983, using a media component like she did was nearly 20 years ahead of her time.

Trisha Brown is an innovative, postmodern icon, and this final tour is not something to miss.

Set and Reset is unmistakably Miss Brown at her most tantalizing. Her virtuosic dancers exhibit a quality of movement that is distinctly hers- dartingly quick but so fluid that the body seems a conduit for flowing energy.”

-Anna Kisselgoff, The New York Times

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