A Space for Students

Jan 06, 2015

Great news, gophers! The Hubbard Broadcasting Rehearsal Studio at Northrop is not only open for business, but also available for rent by registered student groups! Now U of M student groups can reserve this beautiful rehearsal space for just $15/hour up to two weeks in advance. How great is that?

The rehearsal studio is equipped with a mirrored wall, ballet barres, and giant windows that light up the whole studio and give you a great look out onto campus. There is also a hanging grid and black out curtains, so the space can be used for performances too! PLUS it’s the place where all of our visiting dance companies and musicians warm up for their shows. So, for just $15/hour, you can use the same space that principal dancers from American Ballet Theater used to prepare for their performance! 

We have already seen lots of students use the space for some pretty awesome things. So far it’s been used for anything from MinnesoTap rehearsals to students from Open Stage performing their self-produced production of Macbeth! I’ve even used it to rehearse for my choreography final, and let me tell you, it’s pretty great. It is a beautiful and inspiring place to work on the thing you love most. And there is nothing we love more here at Northrop than helping students create art and do what they love.

Students can reserve the space online here.


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