The Suzanne Farrell Ballet Performance Reflection

Dec 04, 2014

What were your thoughts about The Suzanne Farrell Ballet’s performance? What was your favorite performance of the night – Swan Lake, Allegro Brillante or The Concert? Did you notice a difference between George Balanchine’s and Jerome Robbins’ choreography? How did the live orchestra enhance the performance?

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I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The interpretation of Swan Lake was different from others I have seen and it was beautiful. I liked the variety between the Swan Lake and the Allegro Brillante. One very classical, the other classical but modern and it flowed so beautifully. The performance by the 4 dancers as part of the Allegro was phenomenal & others commented as well. I have never before seen humor in a ballet and I thought The Concert was a wonderful variance. It was lighthearted and yet one could really see the necessary expertise and skill and talent to move the way the choreography required of it's dancers. An amazing and wonderful evening.

The principal dancers in "Swan Lake" were very good, but the chorus was just not up to snuff, and I expected much more from a company of this stature. The synchronization was non-existant, and we found that it detracted from the dancing of the principals. The "Allegro Brillante" was well done, and we enjoyed it. "The Concert" was a delight. It was well danced, very funny, and most enjoyable.

The performance was truly fabulous. I especially thought the 'pas de quatre' was incredible!!! Such precision and elegance. And the umbrella scene in "The Concert" was unforgettable.

This interpretation of Swan Lake had no depth, t just plundered a little of the majesty of the whole ballet. THe Allegro was fluff and the Concert was original and very amusing. All in all I was very disappointed. BUT not as disappointed in the Surdyks cafe. The offerings were poorly prepared, the area was dreadfully understaffed and over whelmed with customers. They even ran out of and sandwiches and cookies, and said they didn't expect so many people. I believe that the numbers of seats sold for a concert are known well in advance of the evenings performance. Fire Surdyks and get some some company who can anticipate the usage level and be prepared with decent food, adequate staffing and knowledge of customer demands.

A very entertaining evening! And with a live orchestra & piano ! Was disappointed with the principals in Swan Lake, but was impressed with the chorus. Liked the second piece, and the the spoof in the third was great fun, still done by a talented company. Bravo !

This was an amazing program. The two Balanchine works showcased the choreographic mastery of arguably the greatest ballet artist of the 20th century--work we seldom see in the Twin Cities. Suzanne Farrell was one of Balanchine’s greatest dancers, and her coaching was evident in the sharpness, clarity, musicality, and exuberance of her company dancers, especially the corps de ballet. The locally recruited live orchestra, rare today in ballet, added immensely to the experience, as did the excellent site lines where I was sitting in the President’s Circle. The company performed Jerome Robbins’s comic masterpiece “The Concert” with wit and brio. I heard several audience members remark that they didn’t know ballet could be so humorous. Please, please bring them back. And other companies performing Balanchine's radical and magnificent ballets.

The best thing about the performance was the live orchestra. Swan Lake, mostly taken from the full-length ballet's Act 2, which always moves me, was dreadful. The corps de ballet was either seriously under-rehearsed or just plain bad, arms flailing everywhere with no uniformity or grace. The Swan Queen lost her center of gravity so often I kept waiting for her to fall over, and Sigfried's partnering was clumsy. Allegro Brillante was an odd choice, not one of Balanchine's best works, a lightweight piece with nothing much to recommend it. The last piece was silly, but at least it was fun to watch, as neither of the first two pieces were. Again, the best part of the evening was the orchestra. The violin solo in Swan Lake was beautifully done. Wish we could see more ballet with live music. And hopefully better ballet.

Can we do without the College director coming out before the performance and babbling along with the PBS pledge drive begging. Seriously it makes it feel like we are at a community college. This takes away from the experience, I know this isn't Lincoln Center or Covent Gardens but it is just tacky. The performance was adequate.

We thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and the live music was such a wonderful added treat. We agree with a previous respondent that it would be nice to have more live music with the ballets....We've seen Swan Lake done by several different companies and always enjoy seeing a new rendition. The "pas de quatre" performance is one we look forward to and enjoy so much. The "Concert" was a fun way to end the evening.

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