The Triplets of Belleville Performance Reflection

Feb 17, 2016

Thank you for attending The Triplets of Belleville Cine-Concert! What did you think of the show? Join the conversation!

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What a delightful presentation! The Triplets is one of my favorite movies and with the live music it really blew my mind! What a talented group and, at times, really funny. We had seats in the front row which we had worries about - until we realized we had the best of both worlds! We could see the movie but really focus on the musicians - Loved it!

The Triplets of Belleville was a fun and entertaining movie and concert. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the movie again, but it was magical watching the musicians bring everything to life! Thank you for bringing this Cine-Concert to Northrop!

Very entertaining. One suggestion I have for improving this sort of show is skipping the microphones (except when necessary for quieter sounds like the snapping). It was too loud in the third balcony, but more importantly it decreased the sensation that it was live music. All the sound was coming from one place, and it was not the stage.

I always liked the geeky idea of creating music with a machine. I didn’t know LC had this kind of thing. Just another one of those surprising hidden treasures! Good luck Best Perfoming Art College In Indore

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