Push 4 Art!

Push for Art takes talent on the move, in a surprising way. With a traveling button that calls for action, complete strangers and passersby are asked to “Push for Art.” Curiosity causes a click. What happens next? A spontaneous surge of art.

Student performers are camouflaged in the sea of students, but when the “Push for Art” button is set off, they put on a surprising show. Singing, dancing, acting, or playing music, performers begin abruptly, taking the un-expecting audience by storm.

This is an exciting way to share your passion on campus. Creating connections between student performers, Northrop, and the campus, we hope to spark joy, laughter, and interest in the arts.

Push 4 Art happens twice a year- in the fall and in the spring. If you, your student group, or your class are interested in being a part of Push for Art, please email U-CAN