So you’re stuck in MN for spring break… So what?

Mar 12, 2010

Your co-worker is going to Florida, your roommate to Cancun, and your best friend to California; but you, you are stuck here in the slowly melting tundra we call Minneapolis... So what?

Swallow that giant, ill-tasting ball of jealousy because Minneapolis is the perfect place to be "stuck" this spring break. You may not be wading in the ocean, but you can swim in the sea of arts.

To get that R&R this break, add another R, Regina Carter. She is one of the most transcendent voices of contemporary violin and will be bringing her tenacious force to the Ted Mann stage. But please, don't go hungry, go happy. Sushi Tango has great Happy Hour specials throughout the week that can kill any craving for seafood.

Oh and sight seeing, that's easy. Your eyes will be wide open when you see the jewelry and wall constructions by Danny Saathoff, paintings by Farida Hughes, and furniture by Scott Albright at the Frank Stone Gallery. Then, hike on over to The Minneapolis Sculpture Garden for a beautiful outdoor adventure.

To feel the heat, attend the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts "Third Thursday." Enjoy hot beats spun by DJ TaskRock and performed to by Tina Flewellyn/Hype Dance Troupe, or raise your own temperature in a hip-hop dance workshop.

Then, when your peers return, don't mock their jet-lag, sunglass tans, and sand in their shoes. Simply join them in their boasting because you too have something to brag about: deep sea diving in the arts of Minneapolis. 

 - Allyson Taubenheim
   Marketing Intern 


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