Dance Theatre of Harlem Performance Reflection

Feb 17, 2015


Dance Theatre of Harlem Dance Theatre of Harlem
Photo by Renata Pavam

What were your thoughts on The Dance Theatre of Harlem’s performance? What was your favorite dance of the night? Did you attend the perormance preview? Join the conversation!

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First time I saw DTH in 20 years I'm very sad to say, and I thoroughly enjoyed the memorable performance. The final dance, Return, had me jumping around in my seat, I could not contain myself!

Beautiful technicians sadly performing in a very dated chorographic style. Flat, no inner dancer's love shared with the audience. We should expect much more from an NYC dance co. Explore, bend the tradition, show some passion.

As always, Harlem dance is exceptional. Regret missing opening dance due to a 30 mn crawl down university ave to park in northrup ramp. The northrup really needs to rethink traffic control, it was a mess last night!

the traffic is always bad on Univ Ave on any night there is a performance at Northrop,especially those who are using the Church St, Nolte, or Northrop ramps. It doesn't matter if there are other events taking place. One should expect to arrive at least 1/2 before the performance so you should also plan that extra time to get into parking. Northrop doesn't need to rethink the parking arrangements---the attendee should check things out before hand.

This was a delightful evening of dance. The Mirrors of Her Mind piece was very interesting and offered some amazing dancing and athleticism. Two things marred the evening - none related to the dancing - hugely snarled traffic and door ushers who had no programs. Those attending should be warned that there are athletic events on the same evening so we can plan ahead. However, having more police to control traffic flow would be very helpful. I'm not sure why the ushers, who had long lines of people trying to get into the auditorium on time, had no programs.

It was a beautiful feeling to sit in Northrop and watch Dance Theatre of Harlem with my 12 year old niece see dancers that look like her. She was mesmerized by the performance. They got soul and they are superbad (James Brown reference)!

In the Scholar's circle the sound for the first two pieces was painfully loud. The violin in Vaughn Williams piece was distorted. I cannot remember ever having to stick my fingers in my ears at a concert. I know this is a new hall, but after almost a year the engineers should be concerned with fine tuning, not such a gross misguided effort. At the first intermission others in the audience in the Scholars Circle were spontaneously commenting about the loud music. The sound improved for Agon, perhaps because I complained to an usher, though it was still a bit too loud. Of course, this made it difficult to appreciate the dances. Not to be entirely negative about the acoustic engineers, the sound of the footfalls, which was distracting last year, has been tamed.

So unfortunate that poorly managed sound, incompetent ushers and un-managed parking situation took alot of energy out of the incredible dance performance.

I so thoroughly enjoyed the performances. The talent, strength, agility, flexibility and grace of these dancers was one of the most enjoyable I have seen over 25yrs attending Northrop Dance. I so want to see the Dance Theater of Harlem again. At first I was concerned about the acoustics---the music was extremely loud (I too had to put fingers in my ears) and worried it would distract me from the beauty of the performers. I also noticed no ushers. I know they are volunteers, but perhaps there should be more organization there. The event/performances themselves still left me with a positive attitude and energized by the last performance. They were fantastic.

The dancing was lovely, the last two pieces in particular. But I'll concur with others on: * First two pieces were painfully loud. It hurt. Thankfully, I had my earplugs in my purse, so that helped, but I've never had to do that previously. Clearly, the sound engineering needs to be addressed going forward. * No ushers for seating and programs (inside). Not appreciated, and bad customer service. To see programs just piled up on a chair, and unfortunately, on the other side of a wheelchair patron, was not acceptable. There were quite a number of first-timers or non-regulars. How would they know where to find the programs since there were no ushers? I couldn't find them and had to ask. Not good house management. * Regarding parking. We have parked at the East River Road Garage for several years now, and taken the shuttle bus over/back. Why was this discontinued? And, with no explanation or announcement! It was very cold last night, and that would have been appreciated. It also helps alleviate the parking closer to Northrop in the garages near the hall and off University. Please bring this back. It's a very useful service. I've been a season ticket holder for 30 years. I love our new seat location, the sightlines are wonderful, and the new auditorium feels both old and new. In order to keep up this level of satisfaction these customer-service failures need to be corrected right away.

Wonderful performances, most especially Mirror of her Mind, however, volume on the sound was painful, delighted earplugs were available at coat check, appreciated the apologies, but this was not a rock concert.

I am handicapped and trying to get to my seat was very difficult as no elevator stopped close to my seat. I had to climb stairs or go down them. Very hard for me. I did enjoy the dances but the first two acts had music so loud my fingers were in my ears. Really bad since a screaming singer was part of the “music.” I would have thought that the Northrop would have had the “kinks” out by now. No programs were available when we first got to our seats. I have been a season ticket holder and may have to rethink this in the future. Who wants to go out and struggle so hard to “enjoy” the evening.

From the Will Call agent to the Usher they were all great! The show was fabulous! The dancers have so much passion, finesse and soul. I can't wait to see them again.

I have been wanting to see this company for years and was not disappointed. The dancers were strong and beautiful. I wish the female in Mirror in her Mind could've broken out in a complete solo. She was amazing! I also liked the white socks on the male dancers in Agonm, like they were wearing high top shoes. My friend thought it was a vintage dance piece. You could tell it was ballet's version of 'hip and modern' dancing for that time period with the movements. I also enjoyed the bit of the pre-performance chat I caught. Very inspiring especially for young dancers of color in attendance. Traffic was pretty awful and an alert ahead of time of would've been helpful. Or a valet service since it was so cold last night. I found the signage directing traffic to be a little confusing, stay straight or move ahead to Church Street Garage. It took a couple tries for me to figure out parking. I confirm too that ushers were not handing out programs last night. I've been to many dance performances here and last night did seem a little unorganized. However, it was very enjoyable to see this great company perform.

TOO LOUD!!! TOO LOUD!!!!! TOO LOUD!!!!!! Yes, I know that typing in caps means yelling. It's intended. Sound crew must be deaf. People around me were complaining, I had my hands over my ears most of the time, and some people sitting near us (season ticket holders) voted with their feet: they left at the intermission and didn't come back. Someone above said you can get ear plugs. Why should we HAVE to use ear plugs? What should have been a lovely evening of enjoyment with a talented ballet company performing a beautiful program turned out to be a 2-hour session of trying to get into the spirit of the program but having to defend our eardrums. It was disgusting to have to do so. And as for the traffic situation, we agree: the traffic situation was a total mess. We ALWAYS plan for considerable extra time in getting to Northrup so that we arrive at LEAST 30 to 45 minutes before the performance begins, but the traffic situation is getting worse all the time. We are long-time season ticket holders who are seriously rethinking our renewal. We're not going to sit through another night like last night.

Absolutely fantastic. The troupe thoroughly deserved the standing ovation they received.

The music was turned on way toooooo LOUD! Very distracting!!! Loud-LoUD-LOUD !!!!!!

We thought the dance troupe was wonderful! Very athletic and they made all their moves as if it was effortless! The last dance, Return was a great way to end the show by energizing the entire audience and seeing how ballet and soulful dance gets people on their feet! Very enjoyable. We were in the upper deck, so the sound was loud, but not as bad probably as for those on the main level near the stage. It is a good idea to leave early to go Northrop, Northrop staff don't have any control over other events occurring at the University campus, like the gopher women's basketball game of which was a win for them!

Since after The Hong Kong Ballet in November people also commented that the sound was way too loud, it would seem to me that the management of Northrop owes an explanation to the audience as to why after nearly a year the sound engineers cannot properly control the sound level. It seems as if management is aware of this problem, why else have earplugs at the coat check in a concert hall?

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