Dorrance Dance is a "Duh."

Nov 04, 2015

Goodbye Portland, it was nice to meet you.

Portland Theater

You know, I conquered my fear of flying to get to you.

Clouds from a plane

I came to see a performance of The Blues Project by Dorrance Dance. It was really incredible- live jazz musicians accompanied the performers.

Dorrance Dance Dancers

It was an hour of rhythm, soul, talent, and tap dance - with no intermission. 

Dorrance Dance Dancers

The audience wailed and applauded throughout the concert and a standing ovation ended the evening. 

Dorrance Dance Dancers

I was overwhelmed with delight. I was truly moved. My soul was full. 

Dorrance Dance Dancers

Thank you for sharing the stage with such a fantastic dance company. And, thank you for saving me a seat to see it. 

Dorrance Dance Program

Oh, and, on my way back to Minnesota someone asked if they should see Dorrance Dance.

My response- “Duh.”

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