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Courtesy of Ben Stamper
Northrop Presents

GALLIM: A New Dance Film by Andrea Miller and Helix Films based on "BOAT"

2020-21 Northrop Season
Nov 2020
About the Event

In-demand choreographer Andrea Miller’s dances emphasize the contrasts of being human—the grotesque and the sublime, the chaos and the elegance, with movement both primal and poetic. Through an innovative creative collaboration with Northrop, Miller’s company, GALLIM, debuts an evocative new dance film adapted from Miller’s 2016 piece BOAT that explores what it looks like, feels like, and means to be searching for home. Featuring the music of Northrop’s pipe organ played by University Organist Dean Billmeyer and the Twin Cities-based PopUp Choir in the score, the film takes viewers on a journey of people becoming undone, floating adrift, holding each other, building bonds, and allowing hope and dignity to grow anew. 

“The choreography of Andrea Miller is extraordinary. You saw how humans are really built to interlock."(Zeid Raad Al Hussein, Former UN High Commissioner of Human Rights, about BOAT)

“The blend of the music coming to life through the dancers’ movements and the dance being imagined while listening to the harmonic offerings made for a sensory feast.”(The Dance Enthusiast about BOAT)

open caption iconclosed caption iconThis event will be captioned, with other accessibility services available upon request.

Notes from Northrop Director of Programming Kristen Brogdon

I saw GALLIM perform BOAT at Jacob’s Pillow last August and was immediately taken with the piece, which requires the dancers to support and hold on to each other with a beautiful sense of urgency. The other thing I love about Boat is the music by Arvo Pärt, which features organ and choir. While I would have loved to host the performance with live dance and music, we’re doing the next best thing. Throughout the fall, Andrea will also be hosting monthly Virtual Happy Hour conversations with her friends who are dance and art luminaries. It will be a great chance for you to get to know her, and hear more about the creative lives of amazing artists in the process.

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Courtesy of Ben Stamper
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