This dance film of Ananya Dance Theatre’s work, Dastak, the Farsi word for “knockings,” traces the knockings of global injustices on our hearts in four short sections: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. Each section is a meditation on stories of borders, boundaries, loss, belonging, home and liberation, and echoes the subtitle created by writer Sharon Brigforth — I Wish You Me — indicating the cross-generational love that has carried communities through difficult migrations. Filmmaker Darren Johnson captures these elemental journeys against the varied landscape of MniSota Makoce, ranging from post-Uprising scorched ruins in Minneapolis to tall prairie grasslands of Battle Creek Park, as the dancers pay tribute to the layered history of this land. Choreographed by Ananya Chatterjea and performed by the artists of Ananya Dance Theatre, this dance film also features the work of a powerful team of collaborators, notably writer and dramaturg Sharon Bridgforth and sound artists Spirit McIntyre and Dameun Strange.

Led by Artistic Director, Ananya Chatterjea, Ananya Dance Theatre is a company of cultural activists and BIPOC women, womxn, and femme artists who believe in the transformative power of dance.

This event will be captioned, with other accessibility services available upon request.

Please note: ticket revenue from this film screening will be shared with the artists.


“Chatterjea's work, whether presented in a large concert venue or as a public art performance, always asks questions that are relevant to the world at the moment. She chooses timely topics — from the environment to race or violence against women — to grapple with through dance, projection, sound and other interdisciplinary elements.” –Star Tribune

"Ananya Dance Theatre’s commitment to addressing issues of social justice through an innovative and multifaceted movement technique gives voice to perspectives that can often be overlooked in the dance world." –See Chicago Dance 

"Chatterjea, more than most contemporary Indian dance choreographers, has completely transformed her genre.” –Chicago Tribune

"This dance company consistently creates a deep interaction with its audience, engaging them in a dialogue—either directly or subtly but strongly—with art and artists, with contemporary issues, and with histories whose impact lingers in present-day spaces." –Saint Paul Almanac

"Spellbinding ... work of strength, agility, concentration and exotic beauty." –The Maui News


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