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K-12 Programs

Northrop’s 2024-25 student matinees will be announced soon. Please check back for more!

Student Matinee Highlights

In person

$3.50 per person

On demand

$25 per classroom

$5 per homeschool

Study materials

that meet MN Academic Standards

Q&A sessions

with the artists

Programming specific to K-12 students

by world-class artists

Providing Access to the Arts

Northrop proudly engages students in meaningful experiences that expand their worldview and provide the hope and joy the arts offer through its K-12 matinee program. The program provides students and educators high-quality and affordable arts programming with expanded access online and flexible on-demand options that fit school schedules. Each performance is augmented with additional study materials that meet learning standards, as well as resources to guide students about arts performances.

Access To Arts Education Matters

  • Research shows that children who study the arts demonstrate stronger overall academic performance, helping to produce creative thinkers that employers need in an increasingly complex workforce.

  • K-12 students involved with the arts show higher levels of success in math and reading skills, and additional skills are strengthened in communication and problem-solving abilities.

  • Exposure to the arts help K-12 students improve ACT/SAT test scores, perform higher on standardized tests, and achieve higher GPAs. These students are less likely to drop out of school and three times more likely to receive a bachelor's degree in higher education.

  • Both state and federal laws require K-12 schools to provide arts education for students to foster a more well-rounded education.

Student Matinee

Arts education impacts Minnesota students by strengthening their skills in:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Expression and evaluation skills
  • Empathy and valuing others
  • Collaboration
  • Creative-thinking and innovation

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