Leaders & Advisors

Northrop has a rich history of strong leadership, starting even before its official opening in 1929.

Current & Past Directors

Northrop Advisory Board 2022-23

The Northrop Advisory Board is committed to the growth and awareness of Northrop’s mission, vision, and presenting world-class programming. With an expanded focus on accessibility, NAB members serve as ambassadors for Northrop. For more information about the advisory board and its work, please contact Cynthia Betz, Director of Development, at 612-626-7554 or betzx011@umn.edu.

Cynthia Betz
Jeff Bieganek, Chair
Kristen Brogdon
Dr. Robert Bruininks
John Conlin
Deb Cran
Susan DeNuccio
Karen Hanson
Cari Hatcher

Jill Hauwiller
Bob McMaster
Katheryn Menaged
Gary Reetz
Robyne Robinson
Toni Pierce-Sands
Kari Schloner
Kao Lee Vang
Donald Williams

Organ Advisory Board 2022-23

With the restoration and reinstallation of Northrop’s Aeolian-Skinner Opus 892 organ, a group of dedicated volunteers now partner with Northrop for the awareness, success, and growth of organ programming and education. The Northrop Organ Committee features volunteers who are help with advocacy, network building, relationship development, and fundraising to help sustain and build Northrop’s Pipe Organ Music Series and other community events.

Michael Barone
Cynthia Betz
Dean Billmeyer
Kristen Brogdon
Dr. Robert Bruininks
Dee Ann Crossley
Laura Edman

Cathie Fischer
Nils Halker
Cari Hatcher
David Jenkins
Pamela Neuenfeldt
Emily Roth
Kari Schloner