Mission & Impact

Northrop is committed to honoring its mission and vision in its work with patrons, partners, artists, students, faculty, staff and supporters.
Young woman in gold UMN sweatshirt reaching up while dancing.

Photo by Tim Rummelhoff.


Rooted in the belief that the arts are essential to the human experience, Northrop is committed to cultivating intersections between performing arts and education for the benefit of all participants now and for generations to come.

Young woman looking up at the balconies of the Carlson Family Stage.


Directly aligned with the teaching, research and service mission of the University, Northrop is a catalyst that uses the boundless power of arts and education to ignite transformation in each individual, inspiring positive change in our world.

 Collage of four images: audience in masks sitting in the theatre, singers wearing masks on the Northrop stage, dancer in a red dress with musicians behind her, faces of young people in the brightly lit theatre

Impact Report

We are so pleased to share Northrop’s first ever Impact Report. This particular report covers Jan 2020 through Jul 2021. As we compiled this information with our many colleagues, we found the journey to be revelatory and inspiring—we hope you feel the same as you explore this extraordinary story.

How Do We Do It?

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We do this work with
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Resident partners

Institute for Advanced Study

As a University-wide interdisciplinary center, the Institute for Advanced Study is a resource for scholars, artists, professionals, and students who are engaged in a wide variety of study and practice.

University Honors Program

UHP provides a rich environment for an enhanced undergraduate student experience through innovative coursework, specialized advising, a vibrant intellectual community, and unique experiential learning opportunities.

U of M Tickets and Events

U of M Tickets and Events provides event ticketing, registration, and admission services to the University of Minnesota and greater communities.