Artist-Curator Interview and Exhibit Tour

Emily Johnson and Carolyn Anderson
Past event
Nov 19, 2010
Artist-Curator Interview and Exhibit Tour

with choreographer Emily Johnson and curator Carolyn Lee Anderson. When Emily
Johnson was growing up in Alaska, most of her family gatherings would happen at
her grandmother's home and bar called The Que-Ana Bar ('quyana' is the Yup'ik word for 'thank you').
Now living in Minneapolis, Johnson depicts the feeling of displacement, finding
herself in one place physically and another emotionally. Inspired by her
homeland and these memories, Johnson fully submerges you headfirst into her
latest performance installation, The
Thank-you Bar
, interweaving music, film, stories, and dance to ask
"What is a true home?" Emily Johnson and Carolyn Lee Anderson have
collaborated on the corresponding exhibit to The Thank-you Bar entitled, This
is Displacement: Native Artists consider the Relationship between Land and
, featuring contemporary artwork by artists from 19 tribal nations
in the U.S. Johnson and Anderson discuss The Thank-you Bar performance,
the art featured in the exhibit, and the varied and complex experience of
displacement in Native American communities. Presentation will be followed by a guided tour of the

Northrop Dance presents Emily Johnson
| Catalyst
The Thank-you Bar on Thu,
Nov 18 - Sat, Nov 20, 7 pm and 9 pm, Northrop Stage.  This is Displacement
will be on view one hour prior to each performance and 1:00-5:00 pm, Nov 18-20, Room 307, Northrop Gold Room.