Auto Body Experience

Past event
Jul 01, 2010
Auto Body Experience

The Auto Body Experience is
an alternative rock band with pop sensibilities, a horn section, harmony
vocals, a sense of humor, and lots of guitar. Band leader Scott Yoho has been
featured in Guitar Player and Vintage Guitar magazines. The well-crafted music
is skillfully played and accompanied by wonderfully strange lyrics, covering
topics as diverse and colorful as Resusci Annie (the CPR mannequin), Nicolaus
Copernicus, and an unnamed man beneath the stairs. Stylistically, the music
ranges from cartoon jazz to ska, Latin to guitar-driven pop, and reggae to
gospel - often all within the course of one song. The group has shared the
stage with such noted artists as Adrian Belew, Brave Combo, Dread Zeppelin, and
Moxy Früvous and have been heard on national radio shows including Fresh Air,
Dr. Demento, and Car Talk.