Institute for Advanced Study, Northrop, and University Honors Program Present

Depolarizing America

Featuring William R. Fry Jr. and Rob Weidenfeld, members of Braver Angels
Past event
Sep 24, 2020
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Braver Angels is a citizens’ organization uniting Americans from different political parties in a working alliance to depolarize America. The mission of both red and blue members alike is to try to understand the other side’s point of view, even if they don’t agree with it; engage those they disagree with; look for common ground and ways to work together; and support principles that bring communities together rather than divide them. William Fry, Jr. and Rob Weidenfeld, a Braver Angels’ “Red/Blue Pair” from Ohio, will model these practices to launch the Spotlight Series 2020-21.

2020-21 Spotlight Series

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Spotlight Series 2020-21 Polarization and Identities