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Earth-Art-Movement: Andy Goldsworthy and Land Art

Past event
Oct 09, 2017
Nov 10, 2017
Earth-Art-Movement: Andy Goldsworthy and Land Art

Ephemerality is the innate and common characteristic of dance and earth art, where visual and visceral experience is a revelation of movement, evolution and transformation. Artwork that shows the merging of dance, music, and nature prepare us for the ODC/Dance performance, boulders and bones (Nov 2 at Northrop), an original piece inspired by artist Andy Goldsworthy.

The exhibition, Earth~Art~Movement: Andy Goldsworthy and Land Art, features a multi-media installation, a large-scale rock installation, and a tableau of cropped photographs that illustrate the breadth and innovation of Andy Goldsworthy's land art. Like the dancer leaning and diving into space, gesturing with arms, legs, skull, lumbar, hips, and sacrum, earth art is a choreography of sticks, grass, dirt, snow, water, stones--the temporality of both dance and art leaving traces of light and energy.

IMPETUS will be performing music before and after the ODC/Dance performance in the Northrop Lobby.