Presented by The Institute for Advanced Study and Moving Image Studies


Part of the Space, Body, Sound film series
Past event
Apr 22, 2014

Screening of Reality (Italy 2012), Matteo Garrone’s story about a man’s desire to make it big on TV, and an exploration of the blurring between reality and its simulations. Italian neorealism meets the spectacle of reality TV in Reality. A tale of a fishmonger who reluctantly auditions for Big Brother only to get wholly caught up in the performance of ordinary personhood and the fame that being on TV promises, Reality offers a thought-provoking account of authenticity and everyday life in an increasingly mediated world.

This film is part of the Moving Image Studies film series Space, Body, Sound. This series was programmed by film studies faculty for the Northrop Grand Opening with reference to Northrop's focus on the performing arts. This screening is programmed by Laurie Ouellette (Communication Studies) as part of the course COMM 3231 Reality TV: History, Culture, and Economics.