Northrop Presents


Emily Johnson/Catalyst
Past event
Jun 22, 2014

SHORE: FEAST (potluck celebration)
Foxtail Farm
is about an hour outside of the Twin Cities, near Osceola, Wisconsin. You can get there by car, bike, or shuttle bus! Transporation information will be emailed to you upon registration.

Foxtail Farm is a moreganic, working family farm. Our feast is outdoors and in a beautiful refurbished barn. Dress appropriately, bring sunscreen and water. A main course and some beverages will be provided. Please bring a dish to share that has a special meaning or story behind it and please bring the recipe written on paper. Maybe it's a family recipe that has been passed for generations, maybe it's something that commemorates an occasion, or special ingredients, or just something new you want to try or share. We want to hear those stories, we want to taste those dishes, we want to share those recipes. Our collected recipes and stories will be compiled in our SHORE zine, vol. 4 and mailed to all participants. Feast includes a guided tour of the farm, live music by Ben Weaver, curated activities, and will be fun for all ages!

SHORE is Emily Johnson/Catalyst's new dance work. It is the third in a trilogy of works that began with The Thank-you Bar, and continued with Niicugni. SHORE is a multi-day performance installation of dance, story, volunteerism, and feasting. It is a celebration of the places where we meet and merge—land and water, performer and audience, art and community, past, present, and future. Join us for one part of SHORE, or better yet, all four!