Institute for Advanced Study and Office for Public Engagement Present

Telling Stories Differently: Public Scholarship as Creative Exchange

Part of IAS Thursdays
Past event
Sep 30, 2021
newspaper clippings mixed with images of black men and women protesting

Photo © UW-Madison Public History Project

Hana Maruyama, University of Connecticut & Campu: A Podcast
Kacie Lucchini Butcher, UW-Madison Public History Project
Laurie Moberg, University of Minnesota & Open Rivers Journal

What does scholarship have to contribute to public conversations and broader social concerns? How do we make scholarship an exchange? Join us for a conversation with scholars doing public scholarship, sharing work created with community, for community. From podcasts to popular media publications, storymapping to public exhibits, tweeting to YouTube videos, campus and community knowledge holders use varied approaches to share their stories, start conversations about pressing social issues, and build relationships. Learn how and why they do this work and the impact this work has on bringing to light stories that are hidden or lesser-known.

Part of IAS Thursdays