Presented by Northrop Dance

Virsky Ukrainian National Dance Company

Past event
Oct 11, 2009
Virsky Ukrainian National Dance Company

Myroslav Vantukh, Artistic Director

"Even in a crowded ballet season, one company remains a must for any dance lover: the Virsky Ukrainian Nation Ballet Company."  -Anna Kisselgoff, New York Times

From the Carpathian Mountains to the cosmopolitan city of Kiev, Ukraine is a bastion of folklore, popular dance, and music. It has remained one of the last strongholds of traditional culture in all of Eastern Europe. It was only fitting after nearly 11 years that the "Virskys" valiantly return to Northrop with a program that celebrates the cultural traditions of this amazing country and brings forth new choreography by the next generations of artists.Named after national icon Pavlo Virsky, the troupe takes pride in their homeland, embracing the beauty of its native country through folkloric tradition, humor, and optimism. Using elevated passion and romance, each performance overflows with vivid colors, acrobatic athleticism, and exuberant speed exemplifying the exciting and quintessential world of Ukraine. With numerous bravura solo performances and unifying cadences, the artistic stature of the company shares the wisdom of its people.--Funding provided in part by a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, through an appropriation by the Minnesota State Legislature, a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and private funders.Special support given by Tapestry Folkdance Center, Ethnic Dance Theatre, and Ukrainian Event Center.