Click-4-Art Fall 2022 Winners Gallery

November 30, 2022
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Check out Fall 2022 Click-4-Art winners!
Thank you to everyone who submitted their art and those who voted. Be sure to check out the award-winning art on Dec 15 and Northrop’s Study-In. Enjoy live music, free food, and fun activities— all while cramming for your final exams in the variety of quiet study spaces Northrop has to offer! 

Contest Winners


Kayla Stevenson: “Jaguar”

First-year, Computer Science major

Kayla Stevenson is a first-year student who intends to major in computer science. She loves to draw and paint during her free time using a variety of mediums ranging from canvases to digital. Her art mainly focuses on animals and scenery and ranges from real to fantasy.


Rayna Billmeyer: “Emery”

First-year, Psychology major

Rayna Billmeyer is a first-year Psychology major and Neuroscience minor. Although she’s not majoring in anything art/design related, drawing and painting are a couple of her greatest passions. She would like to show her art to inspire others, elicit emotions, and bring attention to certain topics or issues.


Hazel Nahan: “Nightstand”

Third-year, Art major

Hazel Nahan is  an artist who has always believed in the healing properties of creating. She loves painting still lifes and portraiture that reflect the world around her  in a muted color palette. She is wholly inspired by nature, music, and the people in her life.


Taylor Lee: “Summer Sunflower”

Fourth-year, Applied Plant Science major

Taylor Lee is a senior in Applied Plant Science. She enjoys gardening, photography, writing, playing with dogs, and bird watching. One day she hopes to live on a farm and grow and take pictures of plants all day.


Lucy Treat: “Suburbia”

Third-year, Art major

Lucy Treat believes that art is the process of interpreting the world around us. Based on this concept, her  art is an exploration of the relationship between self and environment. She  chose to depict mundane spaces and delve into their further and overlooked complexities. Her  work synthesizes everyday life with questions of reality and the human experience. She works in a variety of 2D media, but tends to prefer pen and ink or watercolor.

Thank You for Participating!

Thank you to all of the artists who submitted their work and to everyone who joined in the voting! Click-4-Art wouldn’t have been the same without you.