Five Fast Facts About American Ballet Theatre

June 17, 2021
La Follia Variations

Top image, Chloe Misseldine and Jose Sebastian in La Follia Variations. Photo: Todd Rosenberg Photography

Hee Seo

Hee Seo in Giselle. Photo: Gene Schiavone.


A longtime patron favorite, American Ballet Theatre was first seen at Northrop in 1956. The company’s performance of Giselle was the first act on the Carlson Family Stage after Northrop's 2014 renovation. They last appeared at Northrop in 2019.

Cory Stearns

Cory Stearns. Photo: Umit Savaci.


The 20 dancers on the ABT Across America tour hail from 8 countries spanning 5 continents! Out of these 20 dancers, Cory Stearns has been with the company the longest, joining 16 years ago in 2005.

The ABT tour bus from the 40's and 50's

Photo courtesy of American Ballet Theatre.


Building on its history of cross-country tours in the 1940s and 1950s, the July ABT Across America tour, first announced by The New York Times, will travel by bus across 14 states for a total of 3,100 miles.

Tony Bennett

Photo: Tony Bennett by Raph_PH.


Let Me Sing Forevermore, included in ABT Across America’s mixed repertory program, premiered in 2019 and is a blend of jazz and ballet movements set to popular songs sung by Tony Bennett.

Kathryn Boren stretches on a mat while her dog lays close by.

Photo: Kathryn Boren, Instagram @katieborenfitness.


The world of professional ballet is often stressful. Which stress-busting item are American Ballet Theatre dancers allowed to bring with them to the studio every day? Their dogs! ABT has allowed dogs in class since the 1980s.

Photo: Todd Rosenberg Photography.

Watch a preview of the pieces that will be performed