Five Fast Facts: The State Ballet of Georgia 

March 9, 2021
Corps de ballet in a line one behind the other looking to the side, a full view of the front dancer, the others look like a diminishing reflection of her
Large group of female dancers in white under a blue light, each on one knee, leaning to the side with rounded arms framing their heads


The State Ballet of Georgia was originally scheduled to perform at Northrop in April of 2020, which was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Northrop is thrilled to be able to work with The State Ballet of Georgia to bring this internationally acclaimed company to audiences in a safe, online format.

Nina Ananiashvili

Photo by Khatuna Khutsishvili


The State Ballet of Georgia is directed by Nina Ananiashvili, who took over the position in 2004. While acting as the artistic director of the State Ballet of Georgia, she also continued to perform as the prima ballerina for the company, in addition to performing with other companies internationally.

Nina Ananiashvili from Swan Lake

Photo by Nancy Ellison


Ananiashvili is the only ballerina to have received the four most prestigious ballet awards: Varna (Bulgaria) X International Competition Gold Medal, Moscow IV International Competition Grand Prix, Moscow V International Competition Gold Medal, and Jackson (US) III International Competition Grand Prix.

Dancers in the studio rehearsing


The State Ballet of Georgia adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic by offering a series of four outdoor performances in the courtyard of the Georgian Opera and Ballet Theater in Tbilisi in Oct 2020. View a preview of the company’s rehearsal process for these performances on their Facebook page.

Front view of the corps de ballet in bright white, on one knee leaning to the side with arms circling their heads


You can view the most recent videos of performances by The State Ballet of Georgia, as well as performances from the Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theater’s archives.

All images courtesy of The State Ballet of Georgia.