Get Moving And Be Moved With This Week’s Daily Inspirations

May 8, 2020
Kristen Brogdon

Do try these moves at home

This week at Northrop our Daily Inspirations have a theme: keeping you moving. I’m not by any means suggesting that we need to come out of isolation fitter and more productive than when we began. However, I have definitely noticed the benefits on days when I include some movement in my routine, whether that’s dance, biking, yoga, or running. I’m also incredibly inspired by how dancers and dance companies have generously and creatively offered movement classes on social media and web platforms for all of us who are staying at home. If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with the techniques you see on the Northrop stage, or if you need to get back to dance, now is a surprisingly good time!

Paul Taylor Dance Company uses Instagram Live and Instagram TV to offer weekday morning classes including Taylor Style, Taylor Repertory, Yoga, and Pilates. They also have youth classes a few days each week in the afternoons.

If you or someone you love has Parkinson's Disease, Mark Morris Dance Group offers Dance for PD activities and classes online. The company founded Dance for PD in 2001, and we were so pleased to offer a class in our rehearsal studio during the company’s visit in January.

Miami City Ballet is offering free ballet classes online. Classes are available on Instagram Live and they update their schedule occasionally on the MCB website. A basic ballet class is scheduled for Sat, May 9 and company dancers also offer some classes in Spanish. Bonus inspiration: the company premieres A Dance For Heroes, commissioned to honor COVID-19 frontline workers, on its Facebook page on Fri, May 8.

Once you’re warmed up, you can expand your classic modern dance repertory. Follow this New York Times guide to making a home version of Trisha Brown’s Roof Piece. No roof is required! Company dancers shared two versions of what they’re calling Roof/Room Piece on the Trisha Brown Company website—scroll down to view both.

We know you still miss seeing dance, too, so our final inspiration for the week is this video by Dance Theatre of Harlem. Originally created to celebrate the company’s 2017 New York season, it features an original song by India Arie. Fun fact: both Trisha Brown Company and Dance Theatre of Harlem are celebrating 50th anniversaries.

Enjoy the chance to move and be moved, and we’ll continue offering our inspirations next week.