Roberto Olivan


Roberto commissioned a solo for Dancer Fellow: Eddie Bruno Oroyan

Roberto Olivan is the Catalan choreographer and Director of ENCLAVE Dance Company. He lives and works predominantly in the disparate cities of Brussels and Barcelona. Olivan's work manages to bind together these seemingly opposing influences, using a mix of artistic languages to create primeval, organic physical theatre full of wonderful contradictions. It is rooted firmly in his own origins and experience, and coloured by those of the performers with whom he creates.

Although well educated in many forms, in the art of control and precision, Olivan works not with the intellect, the head, but with emotion, physicality and love. He seeks to make his work accessible to audiences, combining the power and energy of circus with the harsh reality of the world in which we live.

The result is a genuinely stimulating celebration, fantastical yet somehow heartfelt and down to earth.

Roberto Olivan