Nov 18, 2022

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Psalm - Limon Dance Company

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Kari Schloner

Welcome, and good evening! Thank you for joining me at Northrop for this much anticipated performance by Limón Dance Company. As part of our Northrop Centennial Commissions program, tonight has been more than two years in the making! We are very proud to be a commissioner of Limón Dance Company’s new work, Migrant Mother, choreographed by Raúl Tamez, the first Mexican choreographer to create a work for the company since José Limón. I had the opportunity to attend the premiere of Migrant Mother at the Joyce Theater in New York City earlier this year. It was a powerful, thought provoking experience and I’m thrilled to share it with you. I hope you will take the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the company and all the pieces on tonight’s program by watching the Performance Preview, a lively and engaging conversation between Limón Dance Company Artistic Director Dante Puleio and Northrop’s Director of Artistic & Community Programs, Kristen Brogdon.

At the heart of Northrop’s mission is the commitment to cultivate intersections between arts and education. Limón’s residency with us is a shining example of what that can look like. During their time in the Twin Cities, Limón Dance Company will visit an elementary school to engage with kids through Limón4Kids, a program that teaches powerful, effective techniques that help young people live fully in their bodies, and relate to the world around them. They will perform for over 1,000 K-12 kids during an in-person student matinee at Northrop, which will also be livestreamed and available to classrooms across the state of Minnesota through the end of the month. Approximately one hundred University students are attending tonight as part of Northrop Across Campus, a program that encourages UMN faculty to incorporate Northrop Season events into classroom curriculum and exploration. And, Limón has been conducting workshops and residency activities with many of our own University of Minnesota dance students over the past year. We will see the result of that work tonight in Psalm, which features five UMN dancers performing, with four understudies at the ready. It is inspiring to think about the number of lives touched by Limón Dance Company’s time in our community. You help make it all possible.

I want to extend a special thanks to our subscribers and donors. Your support is more important than ever before. Through your attendance and contributions, you ensure that Northrop can continue bringing world-class artists like Limón Dance Company to the Twin Cities. Many of you also helped to make tonight's performance possible by supporting the Northrop Centennial Commissions program. I invite you to learn more about the program, our current projects, and how you can support the ongoing creation of new work. Thank you, and enjoy tonight’s performance.

Kari Schloner
Executive Director

Jeff Bieganek

Welcome to another Northrop 2022-23 Dance Season event! It is a privilege to have you in attendance at this performance in celebration of Limón Dance Company’s 75th anniversary. Tonight you will experience another Northrop Centennial Commission—Migrant Mother  by Raúl Tamez. To those who donated to this vital commissioning program that supports new works—thank you.

I hope you can join us for upcoming Dance Series performances which offer moments of beauty and surprise, as do the rest of our upcoming ENCORE Events—including a post-performance cast party with Joffrey Ballet and a special dinner with The State Ballet of Georgia. I know you’ll be inspired by these extraordinary opportunities to connect with the art and artists, and I invite you to bring family and friends to share these memorable experiences with you.

As we enjoy this season and look to the future, I invite you to support Northrop’s programs, helping to shine bright lights on our stage. Please consider supporting the important work that Northrop is doing now and in the future to inspire positive change in our world. The Northrop Advisory Board is growing along with new opportunities to engage, if you are interested in learning more, please contact us at And if you see me in Northrop, please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself! I would love to meet you.

Thank you for attending. Your presence makes Northrop all the better, and we look forward to seeing you at many more Northrop events!

Jeff Bieganek, Northrop Advisory Board Chair

Migrant Mother

Migrant Mother  Photo by Christopher Jones

th Anniversary Season

José Limón and Doris Humphrey

Artistic Director
Dante Puleio

The Company
Natalie Clevenger | Joey Columbus | Terrence D. M. Diable | MJ Edwards | Mariah Gravelin | Johnson Guo | Deepa Liegel | Eric Parra | Nicholas Ruscica | Frances Lorraine Samson | Jessica Sgambelluri | Savannah Spratt | Lauren Twomley


The José Limón Dance Foundation, Inc. is supported with public funds from the National Endowment for the Arts; the New York State Council on the Arts; and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council. Additional support is generously provided by the following institutions: Henry and Lucy Moses Fund; The Howard Gilman Foundation; Miriam and Arthur Diamond Charitable Trust; The Pierre and Tana Matisse Foundation; Mesonix Investments Ltd; Hispanic Federation, the City of New York, and the Department of Youth and Community Development; UMEZ Cultural Fund Aid II; Jody and John Arnhold; The Varnum De Rose Charitable Trust; The O’Donnell-Green Music and Dance Foundation; West Harlem Development Corporation; The Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation, Inc.; Withers Bergman LLP; The Harkness Foundation for Dance; Bank of America Charitable Foundation; The Jerome Robbins Foundation; WQXR.

The Limón Dance Company is a member of Dance/USA, Dance/NYC, Association of Performing Arts Presenters, Western Arts Alliance, National Association of Schools of Dance, the Arts & Business Council, and the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce.

Air For The G String

(5 minutes)
Choreography: Doris Humphrey (1928)
Staging and Direction: Gail Corbin
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach, suite no. 3 in D Major, Air
Costume Original Design: Pauline Lawrence
Costume Current Rebuild: Ali Lane
Lighting Reconstruction: Al Crawford

Savannah Spratt
Mariah Gravelin, Deepa Liegel, Jessica Sgambelluri, Lauren Twomley

Choreography by permission of The Doris Humphrey Foundation for Dance.

First performed Mar 24, 1928 at The Little Theatre, Brooklyn, NY



Major Revival with Original Score
(30 minutes)
Choreography: José Limón (1967)
Staging and Direction: Logan Frances Kruger (2022)
Coaching: Nina Watt
Staging Assistant: Lauren Twomley
Music: Eugene Lester*
Costumes: Marión Talán de la Rosa
Lighting Design: Al Crawford

The Burden Bearer: Joey Columbus
Expiatory Figures: Frances Lorraine Samson (solo), Savannah Spratt, Lauren Twomley
Psalmists: The Company, including University of Minnesota dancers Nakeema Virginia King, Milo Flynn Sachse-Hofheimer, Hina Sasaki, Allison Wheeler, Claire Wilcox

And praised.Auschwitz.Be.Maidanek.The Lord.Treblinka
And praised.Buchenwald.Be.Mauthausen.The Lord.Belzec.
And praised.Sobibor.Be.Chalmno.The Lord.Ponary.
And praised.Theresienstadt.Be.Warsaw.The Lord.Vilna.
And praised.Skarzysko.Be.Bergen-Belsen.The Lord.Janow.
And praised.Dora.Be.Nevenganme.The Lord.Pustkow.
And praised....

The Last of the Just by André Schwarz-Bart

*2022 Recording of Eugene Lester's Original Score by University of Michigan Percussion Ensemble; Erik Contzius, Baritone; Douglas Perkins, Conductor.

First performed Aug 19, 1967 at the American Dance Festival, New London, CT by the José Limón Dance Company.


Danzas Mexicanas

Major Revival
(16 minutes)
Choreography: José Limón (1939)
Reconstruction and Reimagination: Dante Puleio in collaboration with the dancers (2022)
Project Advisor: Risa Steinberg
Historical Research: Sarah Stackhouse
Music: Lionel Nowak, special 75th anniversary edition for the Limón Dance Foundation notated by Allen Fogelsanger
Pianist: Mayu Funaba
Original Costumes: José Limón
Costume Reimagination: Marión Talán de la Rosa
Lighting Design: Al Crawford
Projection Design: Michael Clark

Indio: MJ Edwards
Conquistador: Jessica Sgambelluri
Peón: Terrence D. M. Diable
Caballero: Johnson Guo
Revolucionario: Lauren Twomley

A lost work of Limón’s, these 5 solos representing historical Mexican figures have been reconstructed and reimagined using photos, drawings, writings and notation from Limón’s personal Libro de Ideas. Limón performed this work in his early days as a dancer and choreographer, but with little archival footage and never having taught the work, this season marks the first time the Company has performed these fundamental and foundational solos.

First performance Aug 4, 1939 at Lisser Hall, Mills College, Oakland by José Limón.


Migrant Mother*

(27 minutes)
Choreography: Raúl Tamez
Music: Los Cardencheros de Sapioriz, Cantos Tzotziles de San Pedro Chenalhó, Juan Pablo Villa, Lila Downs, Felipe Esparza, and Los Cojolites 
Costume Design: Edgar Sébastien
Lighting Design: Al Crawford

Joey Columbus, Terrence D. M. Diable, MJ Edwards, Mariah Gravelin, Johnson Guo, Eric Parra, Nicholas Ruscica, Frances Lorraine Samson, Savannah Spratt, Jessica Sgambelluri, Lauren Twomley

The first Mexican choreographer to create a work on the Company since José Limón.

This work is a response to Limon’s, Tonantzintla (1951), which means place of our little mother. Limón was mesmerized by a Baroque Catholic church built up by Mexican indigenous people, where they were partially allowed by the Franciscan friars, to portray some of their enormously rich cosmology. The result was a unique style of syncretic baroque never seen before.

This new piece encourages voices that are often marginalized in terms of symbolic domination, colonization, and creolization. It is a tribute to the majesty of the pre-Hispanic heritage in Mesoamérica.

First performed Apr 26, 2022 at the Joyce Theater in New York, NY by the Limón Dance Company.

*2022 Bessie Award Nomination for Outstanding Choreographer/Creator

A special thank you to the University of Minnesota Department of Theatre Arts & Dance program for hosting the Limón Dance Company.

Migrant Mother is a Northrop Centennial Commission.

Danzas Mexicanas

Danzas Mexicanas

Air for the G String

Air for the G String  Photo by Christopher Jones


Jose Limon

José Limón

JOSÉ LIMÓN (Founder/Choreographer, 1908-1972) electrified the world with his dynamic masculine dancing and dramatic choreography. One of the 20th century’s most important and influential dance makers, he spent his career pioneering a new art form and fighting for its recognition. Born in Culiacán, Mexico in 1908, he moved to California in 1915, and in 1928 came to New York where he saw his first dance program. Limón enrolled in Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman’s dance school and performed in several of their works from 1930 to 1940. In 1946, with Doris Humphrey as Artistic Director, Limón formed his own company. Over the next 25 years, he established himself and his company as a major force of 20th century dance. Limón created a total of 74 works, including The Moor’s Pavane, Concerto Grosso, and Missa Brevis.

Doris Humphrey

Doris Humphrey

DORIS HUMPHREY(Founder/Choreographer, 1895-1958)is recognized as a founder of American Modern Dance. She developed a distinctive movement approach based on the body’s relationship to gravity and the use of weight. The company she formed with Charles Weidman produced great dances as well as outstanding performers, José Limón among them. When physical disability ended her career as a dancer, she became the Artistic Director for José Limón and his company, creating new works for him and for The Juilliard.

Artistic Leadership

Dante Puleio

Dante Puleio

DANTE PULEIO (Artistic Director, He/Him), a widely respected former member of Limón Dance Company for more than a decade, Puleio was appointed the sixth Artistic Director in the Company’s 75-year history, a position that originated with Doris Humphrey. After a diverse performing career with Limón Dance Company, touring national and international musical theatre productions, television and film, he received his MFA from University of California, Irvine. His research focuses on contextualizing mid 20th century dance for the contemporary artist and audience. He is committed to implementing that research by celebrating José Limón's historical legacy and reimagining his intention and vision to reflect the rapidly shifting 21st century landscape.

Logan Frances Kruger

Logan Frances Kruger

Logan Frances Kruger (Associate Artistic Director, She/Her) an Atlanta, Georgia native, received her early training from Annette Lewis and Pala Jones-Malavé, and went on to receive a BFA from The Juilliard School. Her extensive performing career has included work with renowned artists such as Shen Wei, Jonah Bokaer, and Adam H. Weinert. Kruger was a principal dancer with Limón Dance Company for 9 years, and was the Company’s Rehearsal Director for 4 years before being appointed Associate Artistic Director in 2021. Kruger has taught master classes and workshops across the globe, and is a reconstructor of Limón’s repertory.

Guest Choreographers

Raúl Tamez

Raúl Tamez

Raúl Tamez (Choreographer, He/Him),considered one of the most prominent dance artists in his country. In 2016, due to his talent for choreography, he obtained the National Dance Award of Mexico. He has received numerous grants, awards, and funding to develop as a dancer and choreographer. His work has taken him around the globe to more than 36 countries. He is also a sociologist and producer directing his own Company and The International Dance Festival of Mexico City.

The Company

Natalie Clevenger

Natalie Clevenger

Natalie Clevenger (Dancer, She/Her),received her BFA in dance from the University of Arizona in the fall of 2018, where she was awarded the Gertrude Shurr award for excellence in modern dance. Upon graduation, Clevenger joined Dance Kaleidoscope and is now a member of the Limón Dance Company.

Joey Columbus

Joey Columbus

Joey Columbus (Dancer, He/Him) began his dance training in the Chicagoland area before obtaining his BFA in dance from the Ailey/Fordham BFA Program. He has performed with companies such as RIOULT and Company XIV as well as at the Metropolitan Opera.

Terrence D. M. Diable

Terrence D. M. Diable

Terrence D. M. Diable (Dancer, He/Him), New York, graduated from Ailey/Fordham BFA program and performed works by Paul Taylor, David Parsons, Martha Graham, Robert Battle, Aszure Barton, Matthew Rushing, Ohad Naharin, and Fernando Melo. He joined Limón Dance Company in 2017.

MJ Edwards

MJ Edwards

MJ Edwards (Dancer, They/Them), from Middletown, NY studied at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School and MOVE|NYC|. Edwards then trained at the San Francisco Ballet School. They went further to study at The Juilliard School and joined Limón Dance Company in 2021.

Mariah Gravelin

Mariah Gravelin

Mariah Gravelin (Dancer, She/Her) joined Limón Company in 2019 where she has performed and taught nationwide. She holds a BFA from Alvin Ailey/Fordham University (2018). She is on faculty for the Limón Institute and can be found with her camera in hand photographing when not dancing.

Johnson Guo

Johnson Guo

Johnson Guo (Dancer, He/Him) began his dance training under Eliot Feld’s Ballet Tech Program at the age of 8. Guo furthered his dance education at the Conservatory of Dance at SUNY Purchase, where he will be a graduate of the class 2022.

Deepa Liegel

Deepa Liegel

Deepa Liegel(Dancer, She/Her) rejoined Limón Dance Company as a member in 2022. Professionally, she’s worked with MMDG, Metropolitan Opera, Broadway Bares, and Delta Rae. BFA in Dance Performance from SMU. Rep: Jim Keith, MTA NYC Division. Instagram: @deepaleaps.

Eric Parra

Eric Parra

Eric Parra (Dancer, He/Him), is a first-generation Colombian-American artist hailing from Union City, NJ. Parra graduated from Montclair State University with a BFA in Dance Performance. Parra is currently a performing artist for Limón Dance Company and Camille A. Brown & Dancers.

Nicholas Ruscica

Nicholas Ruscica

Nicholas Ruscica (Dancer, He/Him),is originally from Toronto, Canada where he began his training at Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre. Ruscica continued his studies at California Institute of the Arts, receiving his BFA in 2020 and was a four-year recipient of the President’s Merit Scholarship. 

Frances Lorraine Samson

Frances Lorraine Samson

Frances Lorraine Samson (Dancer, She/Her), originally from Toronto, Canada. She has had the pleasure of performing for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, TEDx, Walt Disney World, Miss Universe, New York Fashion Week and Rotary International. She joined Limón Dance Company in 2017.

Jessica Sgambelluri

Jessica Sgambelluri

Jessica Sgambelluri (Dancer, She/Her) is a 2014 graduate of Marymount Manhattan College. Sgambelluri has danced for Graham 2, TED Talks Live, Caterina Rago Dance Company, The Metropolitan Opera, and Buglisi Dance Theatre. This is Sgambelluri’s third season with Limón Dance Company.

Savannah Spratt

Savannah Spratt

Savannah Spratt (Dancer, She/Her) joined Limón in 2016. Hailing from Rochester, PA, she holds a BFA from UNCSA and collaborates often with Helen Simoneau Danse and the Merce Cunningham Trust. Spratt is a licensed GYROKINESIS Level 1 Apprentice who enjoys knitting.

Lauren Twomley

Lauren Twomley

Lauren Twomley (Dancer, She/Her), born in Brooklyn, NY, graduated from SUNY Purchase in 2018. Twomley currently works with Soluq Dance Theater, is a dancer, rehearsal coordinator and social media manager for Peter Stathas Dance, and has been with the Limón Dance Company since 2019.

University of Minnesota Student Dancers

Limón Dance Company’s November 2022 performance at Northrop features dancers from the University of Minnesota’s Dance Program in the José Limón work Psalm. The five dancers and four understudies included in this project studied the choreography for Psalm and Limón technique for two weeks in September with Logan Frances Kruger, Associate Artistic Director of the Limón Dance Company and a Sage Cowles Land Grant Chair Visiting Artist in Dance. Between the residency and performances, the students continued to rehearse with UMN faculty including Carl Flink and Laura Selle Virtucio. During the performance week, they will be integrated into the company for rehearsals and performances. Northrop is grateful to the University of Minnesota Dance Program, Limón Dance Company, and these nine dancers for their commitment to the process.

Milo Flynn Sachse-Hofheimer

Milo Flynn Sachse-Hofheimer

Milo Flynn Sachse-Hofheimer (they/them) grew up in Madison, Wisconsin where they began their dance training at Kanopy Dance Company and forged a deep connection to the Graham technique and trained in Hawkins, Horton, and Vagonova Ballet. Since moving to Minneapolis, they have had the opportunity to work with a web of local, national, and international artists such as Robert Moses, BRKFST, Erin Thompson, Dan Walczak (Gallim), Ananya Chatterjea, Brother(hood), Elayna Waxse, Carl Flink, and Hijack. Outside of their work at the U, they have participated in the Sidra Bell Summer Module, B12 Dance Festival, and Bates Dance Festival. Milo has also performed at the Walker, Minneapolis/Indianapolis Fringe Festival, Trade Routes Festival, and NEXT@Graham. This is their last year as a BFA Dance Major at the University of Minnesota. They are humbled and ecstatic about the opportunity to perform with the Limón Company as one of their last performances as an undergraduate.

Claire Wilcox

Claire Wilcox

Claire Wilcox (she/they) is a sophomore Dance BFA student at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. They were born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota where they trained in folk, classical, and contemporary Chinese dance forms at CAAM Chinese Dance Theater. Claire’s dance aesthetic is also influenced by Ananya Dance Theater, a community that was part of her upbringing. Claire attended the University of Wisconsin - Madison for one year, where she was introduced to western forms of contemporary dance. In the summer of 2022, Claire attended Bates Dance Festival and was inspired to transfer to the U to pursue her BFA in Dance. Claire aspires to continue to perform and choreograph while developing their movement aesthetic grounded in ancestry and community. They are grateful for this opportunity and for the love and support of their family, mentors, and friends.

Hina Sasaki

Hina Sasaki

Hina Sasaki (she/her) is a 3rd year Dance BFA student at the University of Minnesota. She was born and raised in Shizuoka, Japan where she began her dance training at CHEERS FACTORY. She participated in dance competitions and events internationally that inspired her to be an international dancer. She has been exposed to various genres of dance since she was young and came to Minnesota with a desire to transcend the boundaries of various dance styles. Since moving to Minneapolis, she has had the inspiring opportunity to work with local artists, national artists, and international artists through the university. She has a desire to continue performing and cross over various barriers that can express her voice throughout the work. She is so pleased for this amazing opportunity with the Limón Company.

Nakeema Virginia King

Nakeema Virginia King

Nakeema Virginia King (she/her) is a second year undergraduate student at the University of Minnesota studying in a BFA in Dance. She was born in Tacoma Washington and moved to Bemidji Minnesota when she was eight years old. She is an enrolled member of the Upper Skagit Tribe, decendent of the Klamath tribe, and decendent of the Choctaw Nation. She started dancing at the age of three and has trained in multiple genres of dance. Nakeema is driven to become a professional choreographer and to research intertwining the powwow styles of her culture with her work in contemporary modern dance. She aims to bring visibility to Indigenous culture within the dance field and to create a company rooted in Indigenous perspectives. She would like to thank UMN dance program and the Limon Company for this incredible opportunity.

Allison Wheeler

Allison Wheeler

Allison Wheeler (she/her) was born in Bloomington, Minnesota and began her dance journey with ballet and tap at two and a half years. In high school she attended a performing arts school where she fell in love with modern and contemporary dance forms which inspired her to attend the University of Minnesota where she is currently in her senior year BFA dance major. Allison has had the opportunity to train in a wide variety of dance genres and work with artists such as HIJACK, Ananya Chatterjea, Souleymane Badalo, and BRKFST Dance Company through her time at the University of Minnesota. Allison first met the Limon Company during their summer intensive in collaboration with Black Label Movement in 2021. Allison is also involved in the K-pop cover dance community in Minnesota. She teaches K-pop dance to elementary school children in the twin cities and has been a part of multiple cover dance groups such as MKDC and CIDER. Allison aspires to train and perform in a wide variety of dance forms and is extremely grateful for the opportunity to perform with the Limon Company.

University of Minnesota Student Dancer-understudies

Lola LaFond
Talia Marcus
Cora Olson
Leah Walter

Psalm-Nicholas Ruscica and TheCompany

Psalm-Nicholas Ruscica and TheCompany. Photo by Christopher Jones


Limón Dance Company (LDC) has been at the vanguard of dance since its inception in 1946. The first dance group to tour internationally under the auspices of the State Department, and first modern dance company to perform at Lincoln Center in New York, it has performed twice at The White House. The José Limón Dance Foundation, with Company and Institute, is the recipient of a 2008 National Medal of the Arts. José Limón has a special place in American culture for a social awareness that transcended distinct groups to address how we all search for commonality. It is with this ethos that we continue to commission works by critically acclaimed and emerging international voices 50 years after Limón’s passing. His works continue to influence the evolution of the art form with their arresting visual clarity, theatricality, and rhythmic and musical life.



Ivan Sacks, Chair
Andres Mata Osorio, Secretary & Treasurer
Tina Evans
Sonia Garcia-Romero
Robert A. Meister, Past Chair
Paula Carriço
Kurt Douglas
Jonathan Leinbach, M.D.
Cecilia Picón


Dante Puleio - Artistic Director
Logan Frances Kruger- Associate Artistic Director
Lena Lauer- Director of Education Programs
Kathryn Alter- Associate Program Director
Louise Brownsberger- Production & Touring Manager
Melanie Conlon- Marketing Manager
Donnell Williams- Education Programs Associate
Imani Kane- School Administrator
Bill Schaffner- Stage Manager
William Brown- Lighting Supervisor
Aaron SelissenCompany Fitness Trainer

National & International Bookings

Edward V. Schoelwer, Red Shell Management, LLC

Press Representative

Audrey Ross, 929.222.3973;


Psalm - three dancers

Psalm  Photo by Christopher Jones

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  • Michael Weinbeck
  • Cathy Westrum and Annelynn Westrum
  • Monica Winker-Bergstrom
  • Millie Woodbury
  • Mark Wright and Elizabeth Walton

Up to $99

  • Berit Ahlgren
  • Kent Akervik
  • Gerald and Georgianna Allan
  • Kevin and Shirley Arms
  • Robert Arntsen
  • Michael and Jessica Austin
  • Elizabeth and Wolfgang Bergman
  • Anna Betz
  • Tierra Boose
  • Mary Boyer
  • Patti Brase
  • Willie Bridges
  • Kristin Card
  • Ariel Carter
  • JaNan Cavanaugh
  • Betty Clark
  • David and Nancy Claussen
  • Virginia Dale
  • Vicki Donatell
  • Dake Dorris
  • Byron Douglass
  • Frances Durkin
  • Marcia and Berkan Endres
  • Valerie Fazedin
  • Jessie Fett
  • Susan Gahan
  • Joanne and John Gordon
  • Birgit Grund
  • Jeffrey Haddorf
  • Michael Hamerski and Susan Thurston-Hammerski
  • Paul and Charlotte Hardt
  • David and Julie Hartung
  • Joyce and Eugene Haselmann
  • Jill Hauwiller
  • Addie Hazelton
  • Laura Helgeson
  • Mary Helmin
  • Colleen Hermann
  • Christina Herzog
  • Susan Hommeyer
  • Sheri Horton
  • Janet Horvath
  • Jerome and Judith Ingber
  • Ann Ivey
  • Ramona Jacobs and Charles Christianson
  • Janet Johnson
  • Ronald Joki
  • David Kearn
  • Joan and Timothy Kenny
  • Cassandra Kiehn
  • Dwayne King
  • Carrie Klemenhagen
  • Thomas and Mary Kuhn
  • Doni Kvam
  • Mike and Sharon Lane
  • Linda Leamer
  • Kathryn LeFevere
  • Jane Leonard and Lori Lippert
  • Barbara Lind and Craig Poeschel
  • Nancy Litin
  • Ann Loushine-Thomsen
  • Marcelienne and Roger Lundquist
  • Nancy Marcy
  • Cynthia Marsh and C.W. Vandersluis

Up to $99 (continued)

  • Kenneth and Judith Matysik
  • Robert and Kristin McClanahan
  • Alli Mertins
  • Sanjay Mishra
  • Jill Mitchell
  • Daniel Moore and Laura Tempel
  • Summer Morrison
  • Scott Nelson and Roxanne Hart
  • Shelley and James Nichols
  • Nina Norum and Ronald Haysl
  • Barbara Owens
  • Carol and Peter Parshall
  • Matthew Peak
  • Marjorie Pearson
  • Beth Peck
  • Christina Peterson
  • Elizabeth Peterson
  • Charisse Pickron
  • Steven Pincus and Michelle Strangis
  • Mary Roberts and Edward Kraft
  • Susan Rohde
  • Maria Rosengren
  • Edward Sarnoski
  • Hollie Schultz
  • Thomas Scott
  • James Sewell and Sally Rouse
  • Elizabeth Sharpe
  • Michele and Chris Shepherd
  • Rebecca and John Shockley
  • Jan and Alan Sickbert
  • Barbara Sletten
  • Emily Soltis
  • Theodore Sothern and Barry Leon
  • Richard Steege
  • Ronald Stevens
  • Vicki Strahan
  • Jonathan Tallman
  • Marie-Luise and Anita Teigen
  • Ivette Tejeda
  • Jon Thomas
  • Rodney and Carol Thompson
  • Michelle Tolliver
  • Kay Troan
  • Kathleen Tuma
  • Nancy Tykwinski
  • David Ulaszek
  • Alla Valdberg
  • Tatiana Valdberg
  • Bill Venne and Douglas Kline
  • Carolyn Wahl
  • Samuel Walling
  • Renee Warmuth
  • Kathleen Warner
  • Jeanie Watson
  • Brian and Katherine Weitz
  • Darryl and Janet Weivoda
  • Jonathon White
  • Mary Wiley
  • Clay and Karen Williams
  • Rachel Wolff
  • Roger Worm
  • Yuhsuan Yeh
  • Roberta Zohara

This season’s listing is current as of 11/8/22

Please contact Trisha Taylor at if you have any corrections or questions.

Northrop's Aeolian-Skinner Organ

Thank you to the generous donors who continue to support programming for Northrop’s beloved Aeolian-Skinner Organ. It is because of you that this magnificent instrument’s voice will be enjoyed by many for years to come.

Organ Supporters

  • Dean Billmeyer
  • Drs. Robert Bruininks and Susan Hagstrum
  • Dee Ann and Kent Crossley
  • David Cruickshank
  • Salvatore Franco
  • Reid Froiland
  • Nils and Heather Halker
  • Charlie Johnson
  • Joseph Kuznik
  • Kristin Lefferts
  • Lisette Lilac
  • Peter Lund
  • Pamela Neuenfeldt and Don Williams
  • Holly Radis-McCluskey and Glen McCluskey
  • David and Rachelle Willey

The Northrop Organ Advisory Board

  • Michael Barone
  • Cynthia Betz
  • Dean Billmeyer
  • Kristen Brogdon
  • Dr. Robert Bruininks
  • Dee Ann Crossley
  • Laura Edman
  • Cathie Fischer
  • Nils Halker
  • Cari Hatcher
  • Pamela Neuenfeldt
  • Kari Schloner

The Heritage Society Members

The Heritage Society honors and celebrates donors who have made estate and other planned gifts for Northrop at the University of Minnesota. 

  • Nancy M Allen*
  • Jerry L Artz
  • John W Follows*
  • Stephen Gordon and Pat Gavan-Gordon
  • Peter S Lund
  • Darlene M Sholtis


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