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Carol Anderson: White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide

Past event
Apr 18, 2019
Carol Anderson: White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide

Since 1865 and the passage of the 13th Amendment, every time African Americans have made advances toward full participation in our democracy, white reaction has fueled a deliberate and relentless rollback of their gains. In this presentation, Anderson will discuss her New York Times bestselling book that carefully links historical flashpoints when social progress for African Americans was countered by deliberate and cleverly crafted opposition. Her work pulls back the veil that has long covered actions made in the name of protecting democracy, fiscal responsibility, or protection against fraud, rendering visible the long lineage of white rage. This timely discussion adds an important new dimension to the national conversation about race in America. Learn more about Carol Anderson in this MPR story.

This event is part of the 1968/69-2018/19: Historic Upheavals, Enduring Aftershocks Series

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