Institute for Advanced Study, University Honors Program, and Northrop Present

FLUXUS: Manifestations Through Visual and Performing Arts

IAS Thursdays
Past event
Feb 02, 2017
FLUXUS: Manifestations Through Visual and Performing Arts

Fluxus art in the 1960s and 70s championed concepts of time, chance, impermanence, and the banal, blurring life and art. Appearing on the streets and public environs beyond theaters and traditional exhibition spaces, artist collaborations merged the visual and performing arts.

Complementing Northrop’s CCN-Ballet de Lorraine performance celebrating Merce Cunningham’s culminating works and the exhibition in the Northrop gallery, What the FLUXUS? Manifestations Through Visual and Performing Arts, this panel discussion will consider the connection among the visual artists, dancers, and musicians significant to Fluxus art, performance, and Merce Cunningham’s legacy.

Panelists include Deborah K. Ultan, curator of the Gorman Rare Arts Book Collection, University of Minnesota, Vanessa Reubendale, Art History, University of Minnesota, and Sumanth Gopinath, School of Music, University of Minnesota.