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In a burst of creative filmmaking, the University of Minnesota Dance Program students, faculty, and guests responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and the call for social justice catalyzed by the murder of George Floyd. Curated by UMN dance professors and choreographers Joanie Smith (Shapiro & Smith Dance) and Carl Flink (Black Label Movement), Dancing Our Way Out brings forward some of the truly unique and poignant cinematic visions produced by its community of embodied art makers and learners during the COVID Winter, celebrating their rich diversity of perspectives, identity, and aesthetics.

Program includes: A Dream of Touch When Touch is Gone (Black Label Movement). Premiered at Tedx Minneapolis Oct 23, 2020, this film has received over 30 laurels and was recently selected for the Dance Camera West festival in L.A.

This event will be captioned, with other accessibility services available upon request.

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Premieres Fri, Jan 14, 2022, 7:30 pm CT
Available on-demand through Jan 21, 2022


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Program Order and Credits

Curated by Carl Flink
Content Advisor Joanie Smith


Choreographer: Megan Gerlach

Performer: Megan Gerlach

Our Next System

Creator: Tori Breen

Collaborators: Kaitlyn Hawkins, Rahila Coats, Morgan Cogley, Milo Sachse-Hofheimer, Vivian Wolkoff, Elliana Vesely

Notes: movement created in collaboration with the dancers, title, and themes inspired by


Choreographer: Sharitah Nalule

Performers: Sharitah Nalule

The Turmeric from My Hands Will Stain Your Snow

Concept and Choreographer: Ananya Chatterjea

Performers: Tori Breen, Cierra Dailey, Addie Guenther, Ansel Langmead, Connie Pierce and Ansel Langmead

Please Don’t Stretch Out My Sweater

Choreographer: Lily Conforti

Performer: Lily Conforti

Minnesota K.R.U.M.P.

Director: Mia Johnson

every day’s the same

Choreographer and Performer: Maria Strittmater

战斗吧!闪光少女! fight! Shining Woman!

Choreographer and Performer: Mathilda Wen

A Dream of Touch When Touch Is Gone

Concept, Choreographer and Director: Carl Flink

Performers: Hannah Albers, Patrick Jeffrey, Alexandra Bodnarchuk, Sarah McCullough, Rachel Miller, Ashley Pyle, Joe Tennis, Elliana Vesely, Paula Vasquez Alzate and Cheng Xiong


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