Fun Facts About Hector Olivera

May 20, 2022
Hector Olivera fun facts blog post

Hector Olivera is a passionate, gifted, and unique musician, whose personal interpretations of both classical and popular music have amazed and delighted audiences around the world. Most famous for his prodigious technical proficiency and charismatic stage presence, Mr. Olivera’s amazing effect on audiences has made many of the most sophisticated and demanding organ aficionados claim that Maestro Hector Olivera is “one of the greatest organists in the world today.”

Organ pipes

Like Father, Like Son. Born in Buenos Aires, Hector Olivera’s first teacher was his father who encouraged him to begin playing the pipe organ when he was only three.

city of Buenos Aires

Child Prodigy. Three years later, Mr. Olivera entered the Buenos Aires Conservatoryas a child prodigy at age six.Maestro Hector Olivera has now become one of the most sought after and revered international concert organists of the present time. In 1965, Maestro Olivera received a scholarship from the Julliard School of Music. He then immediately moved to the United States and entered the university.

Hector Olivera standing behind a full concert organ

Claim to Fame. By eighteen, Hector Olivera had an outstanding professional concert career performing in more than 300 concerts throughout Latin America, appearing frequently on Argentinean radio and television. Mr. Olviera has performed at prestigious venues including the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, and the Sydeny Town Hall in Australia.

The Olympics

Organs and Olympics. In 1996, in celebration of the Olympic games, Maestro Olivera was given the honor to perform a solo concert at Spivey Hall in Atlanta where he received multiple standing ovations. The Atlanta Journal Constitution raved: “Olivera swept the audience with absolute Olympic virtuosity, and that still doesn’t say it ... Hector Olivera is in a class by himself.”

Hector sits at the organ and a frog plush toy sits on the keyboard

The Maestro's Assistant. Professor Harry Helmut assists the maestro with stops and page turning. We have been told that he is a Lutheran!