Institute of Advanced Study Presents

Confluence: Water as an Analytic of Indigenous Feminisms

Featuring Joanne Barker
Past event
Apr 22, 2021
A flatly drawn image of an indigenous, Native-American figure.

Featuring Joanne Barker
Professor and Chair of American Indian Studies
San Francisco State University

Modeling and theorizing water as an analytic, ”Confluence: Water as an Analytic of Indigenous Feminisms,“ orients readers to critical Indigenous feminist politics through a theorizing of and engagement with water as an analytic. Integrating artwork, it addresses the complexity of Indigenous feminist politics, defined as it is in this historical moment by the refutation of sexual violence, extractive capitalism, and the empire’s apologia; respect of original teachings and cultural practices and the elders who care for them; and the futurisms of science fiction and eco and poly eroticism.

Joanne Barker is Lenape (a citizen of the Delaware Tribe of Indians). She is professor and chair of American Indian Studies at San Francisco State University. She is currently serving on The Segora Te Land Trust Board and The Critical Ethnic Studies Journal Board.