Institute of Advanced Study Presents

Why Canoes? A Discussion and Virtual Tour of the New Exhibit

Featuring Jacob Bernier, Professor Vicente M. Diaz, Mat Pendleton, and Gabriel Elias
Past event
Jan 28, 2021
A group of 14 students stand on a dock behind a large canoe floating in a lake.


Jacob Bernier
Graduate Student, Heritage Studies and Public History; University of Minnesota

Vicente M. Diaz
Professor, American Indian Studies, History, and Heritage Studies and Public History; Founding Director, The Native Canoe Program; University of Minnesota

Mat Pendleton
Lower Sioux Community

Gabriel Elias
Micronesian Community of Milan, MN

A sneak peek of the Why Canoes: Capacious Vessels and Indigenous Futures of Minnesota's Peoples and Places exhibit that is scheduled to open in February 2021 with exhibit co-curator Jacob Bernier, graduate student in HSPH; Professor Vicente M. Diaz, American Indian Studies and Director, The Native Canoe Program; and community participants Mat Pendleton, Lower Sioux Community; and Gabriel Elias, Micronesian Community of Milan, MN.

A dialogue on Indigenous canoe revitalization, traditional ecological knowledge about water, and community-engaged teaching, learning, research and relations-making with Indigenous people of Minnesota and Oceania.