Third Coast Percussion
Featuring choreography by Movement Art Is (Lil Buck and Jon Boogz)
Performed by Ron Myles and Quentin Robinson

Third Coast Percussion joins forces with the groundbreaking choreography of Movement Art Is for an intimate, evening-length program that explores the duality of human nature. At once intensely personal and fiercely virtuosic, two disparate styles of street dance blend seamlessly with new music by Jlin and Tyondai Braxton, as well as Third Coast Percussion’s critically-acclaimed arrangements of Philip Glass’s Aguas da Amazonia.

This event will be captioned, with other accessibility services available upon request.

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"breaks new ground in several respects … delightful … The entire album is absorbing and often fun” —AllMusic

“Virtuosity and deft, precisely timed wit” —The Washington Post

“Impressively combining creative fearlessness with reverent precision” —BBC Music Magazine


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The content below derives from the Northrop Across Campus Program that supports Northrop's mission towards intersections between performing arts and education for the benefit of all participants now and for generations to come.

Explore These Themes

Find ways to make thematic connections to these suggested courses.

Music: Percussion, Composition

Early Childhood Education

Dance: Urban Street Styles, Multi-Genre 


American Studies/American Cultural Studies

African American Studies


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Political Science

Social Justice/Human Rights


Theatre Production

Urban Studies

Take a deeper dive into these resources that provide more information about the company of performers, the history of the artform, and where you can learn more about the artistic process!


Start a conversation about the performance, or reflect on the performance, using these questions as inspiration.

Movement Art Is states that its organization focuses on “using movement artistry to inspire change in the world.” Co-founders Jon Boogz and Lil Buck often create work inspired by socio-political issues facing the nation and global society - racism, immigration, mass incarceration, and more - both onstage and through film.

  • How have you seen art utilized to express a social justice narrative in order to bring awareness to important topics?
  • If you were to create a work of art that was based on a social justice issue, what topic would you hope to explore and what medium(s) of art would you use?

Both Movement Art Is (dance) and Third Coast Percussion (music) are arts organizations focused on education, enriching artistic curiosity, and community engagement. 

  • Why is it important to utilize multiple forms of art to educate, enrich, and engage with a community?
  • How can multidisciplinary art collaborations multiply the impact or message of a performance, in contrast to single-discipline performances?
  • What are the benefits of dance education? What are the benefits of music education? How are both artistic mediums important in shaping young minds?

Think about the various artistic elements (movement, sound, theatrical production, and narrative) that worked together to bring this single creative entity to life.

  • What is the value of pairing live instrumental music performance with live dance? Does the choreography change your experience of the music and vice versa?
  • How did the staging and lighting throughout the show amplify the music and choreography? 
  • How do the street dance styles of jookin’ and poppin’ compare to other dance styles that are typically seen on a performing arts stage? How do they interact and contrast with one another over the course of the performance?
  • How does the theme of “metamorphosis” present itself throughout the program?