Dance and Music on the Map

November 24, 2020
University Libraries
Alice Sheppard, a light-skinned Black woman with a crown of short curly hair, is crawling on her hands with her knees in Laurel Lawson's footplate. Laurel, a white woman, is arching her back on the ground as she is dragged along the floor. A sunset appears behind them.

Photo by MANCC / Chris Cameron.

Fans of Kinetic Light’s presentation of DESCENT, which is a co-presentation by Walker Art Center and Northrop premiering on Thu, Dec 3 and available online through Sat, Dec 5, can explore related images, ebooks, audio, and more through a new virtual pop-up library. The project was curated by the Kinetic Light team and University of Minnesota librarians with expertise in dance, maps, and music. The DESCENT virtual pop-up library offers a window into the innovations and inspirations behind Kinetic Light’s work. Discussions between the librarians and the Kinetic Light team revealed an enlightening combination of historical sources that shaped the piece, ranging from the visceral sculpted bodies of Rodin, to the mythological stories of Venus and Andromeda, to the music of composer and cellist Joan Jeanrenaud. Using this knowledge, the librarians curated resources from the University’s collection to help guide a deeper understanding of the company’s vision and aesthetic. 

The digital exhibit brings together links to freely accessible online sources and items that require a student, faculty, or staff username and password. Campus affiliates can log in to access digital materials, or request physical items using the Get It service. Members of the community can place interlibrary loan requests for many University Libraries books, scores, CDs, and DVDs through their local public library.

Since 2018, Northrop and the University Libraries have produced several in-person pop-up library events aligned with the content presented on Northrop’s stages. In their new virtual form, these pop-up libraries allow librarians to bring books, recordings, maps, and other resources related to Northrop performances to new audiences. While campus libraries are temporarily inaccessible to many visitors, digital exhibits create opportunities to connect arts supporters with Libraries resources that can help with diving deeper into a topic.

To learn more, please visit the University Libraries online, and explore the digital guides to research on dancemaps, and music.

Jessica Abbazio, Melinda Kernik, Karen Majewicz, and Deborah Ultan of the University Libraries worked on this project.