Oct 18-31, 2022

Program Notes for Hysteria, Hypnosis, and Hallucination: Silent Cinema Shorts with Live Music Featuring Dreamland Faces

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Hysteria, Hypnosis, and Hallucination stills

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Jeff Bieganek

Welcome to Northrop’s Fall 2022-23 Season and our new Silent Film + Live Music Series. You are in for a rare treat with the extraordinary collection of films you will see as part of Hysteria, Hypnosis, and Hallucination: Silent Cinema Shorts—curated by UMN’s own Maggie Hennefeld—with Live Music Featuring Dreamland Faces. Your commitment to the work that we do and the artists we present—including those involved with this performance—make this possible, and we are grateful for your support. 

I hope you can join us for the rest of Northrop’s first Silent Film + Live Music Series—a must-see for film buffs, music lovers, and the historically curious. Our Music Series and Dance Series also offer some new surprises, as does our just-announced ENCORE Events—post-performance cast parties with Limón Dance Company and Joffrey Ballet, plus a special dinner with The State Ballet of Georgia. I know you’ll be inspired by these extraordinary opportunities to connect with the art and artists, and I invite you to bring family and friends to share these memorable experiences with you.

As we enjoy this season and look to the future, I invite you to explore the different ways you can support Northrop’s programs, helping to shine bright lights on our stage. We value your involvement in furthering the important work that Northrop is doing now, and in the future, to inspire positive change in our world. The Northrop Advisory Board is growing along with new opportunities to engage. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at northrop@umn.edu. And if you see me in Northrop, please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself! I would love to meet you.

Thank you for viewing this performance and we look forward to your attendance at many more Northrop events!

Jeff Bieganek, Northrop Advisory Board Chair

playing telephone

Still from Amour et Science

Introduction by Maggie Hennefeld


Program curated by Maggie Hennefeld.

  • At the Hypnotist's [chez le magnétiseur] (Alice Guy, France, 1898, 1 min)
  • *Hypnotizing the Hypnotist (Vitagraph, US, 1911, 7 min)
  • *Rosalie Has Sleeping Sickness [Rosalie a la maladie du sommeil] (Pathé, France, 1911, 4.5 min)
  • *Cunégonde the Coachwoman [Cunégonde, femme cochère] (Lux, France, 1913, 6 min)
  • *Love and Science [amour et science] (Éclair, France, 1912, 14 min)
  • Le Mystère des roches de Kador (A Léonce Perret film, 1912. Gaumont production, 43 min)

*Included in Cinema's First Nasty Women (Kino Lorber, 2022)

Runtime: 75 min


Post-performance Q&A Panel Discussion

Stay after the performance as Maggie facilitates a discussion with:

  • Michael Callahan (Writer, Producer, Performer)
  • Robert Cozzolino (Patrick and Aimee Butler Curator of Paintings at the Minneapolis Institute of Art)
  • Karen Majewicz (Artist, Dreamland Faces)
  • Emily Winderman (University of Minnesota Assistant Professor, Communications Studies).

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white horse with black stripes painted is hitched to a buggy, a woman with an exaggerated look of surprise on her face stands near

A still from Cunégonde the Coachwoman [Cunégonde, femme cochère]

Maggie Hennefeld

Maggie Hennefeld

Maggie Hennefeld is Associate Professor of Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature and McKnight Presidential Fellow at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. She is the author of Specters of Slapstick and Silent Film Comediennes (Columbia UP, 2018), an editor of the journal Cultural Critique, and co-editor of two volumes, Unwatchable (Rutgers UP, 2019) and Abjection Incorporated: Mediating the Politics of Pleasure and Violence (Duke UP, 2020). She is the co-curator of Cinema’s First Nasty Women, a 4-disc DVD/Blu-ray set featuring 99 archival silent films that will be released by Kino Lorber on December 20, 2022.

Dreamland Faces

2 members from Dreamland Faces

Karen Majewicz and Andy McCormick of Dreamland Faces. Photo by Jayme Halbritter. Courtesy of the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

Ryan Billig

With clanks, creaks, thuds and dings, Ryan Billig has been adding off-rhythm percussive accompaniment to silent films with Dreamland Faces since the early 2000s. His influences include Noise, Javanese gamelan, West African drumming, Americana, Charismatic Christian Prayer Groups, Neo-pagan Ritual Community Theater, Rock and Roll, Jazz, and Balkan Brass. He began drumming at a young age and currently performs with Brass Messengers, Better Mistakes, and Brass Solidarity.

Karen Majewicz

Karen Majewicz is a composer and accordionist specializing in original scores for silent films. She particularly enjoys scoring silent films created by women or featuring women-centered stories. She is also interested in playing new music, modern classical works, and atonal art songs on accordion. Karen holds an ethnomusicology degree from the University of Washington and has studied music composition at the University of Minnesota.

Andy McCormick

Andy McCormick is a composer and multi-instrumentalist. He writes music for movies, theater, with lyricists, and for friends. Andy enjoys collaborating and is usually willing to experiment. He is a proud musical saw player, ardent supporter of new music, and willing to sing dissonant intervals.

​​​​​​​Molly Raben

Molly Raben is an organist and experimental musician. With her foot in a corner of the cosmos, her practice is founded upon many years on the organ bench at churches. She collaborates with various local musicians and looks to the wind and the sky for her biggest inspiration.

​​​​​​​Christa Rübsam Schneider

Christa Rübsam Schneider is a cellist and violinist who has been performing since 2003 in the Twin Cities and globally with various musical groups ranging in style from new music to jazz to cinematic chamber. Her father, Wolfgang Rübsam, is a notable organist and formed her ear and love for early music. She has been involved in several theater productions including the upcoming production, RARE: Stories of Dis-Ease, by Kevin Kling. She has also co-composed, arranged, and performed live original scores for a number of silent films shown at venues such as the Trylon Microcinema, the Heights Theater, and Movies in the Park. Christa regularly plays with Dreamland Faces, is jazz trio leader of Ensemble Pro Arte and teaches private lessons to budding musicians.

The Silent Film Project

Generously funded by a Special Events Award from the University of Minnesota Imagine Fund, The Twin Cities Silent Film Project is dedicated to curating archival silent film screenings across the Twin Cities. It is estimated that over 80% of all silent films are now lost. Twin Cities Silent Film Project revives unseen treasures from the archive—with original, live music and multi-disciplinary conversations—to bring local arts, humanities, and cultural communities together over a shared love of silent cinema.

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Director's Circle


  • Drs. Robert Bruininks and Susan Hagstrum
  • Robert Lunieski


  • Jerry Artz
  • Kurt and Susan Bjorklund, Dedicated to Silas and Victoria Ford
  • Ellie Crosby, The Longview and Crosswols Foundations
  • Nancy Gossell
  • Richard Gregory
  • Randy Hartten and Ron Lotz
  • Jennifer Marrone and David Short


  • Nancy and John Conlin
  • Susan DeNuccio
  • Gail and Stuart Hanson
  • Gail and Jack Kochie
  • Shawn Monaghan and Greg Plotnikoff
  • Thomas and Conchy Morgan, In Memory of Sylvia and Henry Frisch 
  • Sandra Morris
  • Gary A. Reetz
  • Scarborough Fair Boutique
  • Donald Williams and Pamela Neuenfeldt

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  • Mary Benson
  • Frederick L. Betz
  • Jeff Bieganek
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  • Karen Hanson and Dennis Senchuk
  • Minhchau and Lawrence Harms
  • Sally and Richard Leider
  • Bob and Susanna McMaster
  • Tim and Gayle Ober
  • Marianne Remedios and John Wald
  • Stephanie Rupp
  • Kathryn Sedo and Scott Beers


  • Anonymous
  • Margaret Albrecht
  • Jeanne Andre
  • Kathryn Cahill, In Honor of Ferne Rowland
  • R. and J. Cameron
  • Will and Ginny Craig
  • Stephen Davis and L Murray Thomas
  • Meghan DeBruycker Legacy Fund-Willmar Area Community Foundation
  • Peter and Kathy Ganzer
  • Ramona Hanneken
  • Glenn Lindsey
  • Mark and Cecilia Morrow
  • Robin Oertel
  • Lance Olson
  • Richard Taylor


  • Anonymous
  • Elissa Adams and Michael Margulies
  • Paul Aslanian
  • Thomas and Jill Barland
  • Bill and Julie Brady
  • Kristen Brogdon
  • Kate and Christianson
  • Deb Cran and Bob Craven
  • Diane Demos
  • Pat Gaarder
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  • Denise and Corey Holtz
  • Kimberly Hutchens
  • Jennifer and Mark Johnson
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  • David Musolf
  • Mason and Gwen Myers
  • Derrill Pankow
  • Elizabeth Parker
  • Shannon Pierce
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  • Kathleen Porter
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  • John Reay and Karen Hanson
  • Danielle Robinson-Prater and Joel Prater
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  • Bonnie Vidlund
  • Cheryl Wall
  • Steven and Barb Zawadski


  • Anonymous
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  • Jan Adams
  • Marcia Anderson
  • Joseph Bingham
  • Mayrinda Cain
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  • Stephen and Mary Chicoine
  • Sandra Daly
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  • Robert Dufault and Ann Wilcox
  • Jean Durades
  • William Durfee and Devorah Goldstein
  • George Ehrenberg
  • Kristin Elizondo
  • Annalee Gray
  • Lisa and Dan Gray
  • Kathy Gremillion
  • Joan Haldeman
  • Nancy Hammer
  • Catherine Hart and Andes Gonzalez Leon
  • Cari and Matthew Hatcher
  • Richard Hruby and Kimberly Broderick
  • William Humphrey
  • Ann Jaede
  • Barry and Karen Johnson
  • Tovio Kallas and Beatrice Holton
  • Dana and Eric Kassel
  • Micki and Neil Kay
  • Leslie Koepke
  • Jeffrey Land
  • Laura Landy
  • Alan and Peggy Lathrop
  • James and Sharon Lewis
  • Mary McKenna
  • Toni McNaron
  • Kelly McQueen
  • Margaret Michaelson
  • Sally Moore
  • Michael and Lisa Nekich
  • Stephen Nelson and Joan Bren
  • Sarita Parikh
  • David and Mary Parker
  • Donald Pastor and David Goldstein
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Live Captions

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Post Performance Q&S

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Stay after the screening for a panel discussion with the curator Maggie Hennefeld and Michael Callahan (Writer, Producer, Performer), Robert Cozzolino (Patrick and Aimee Butler Curator of Paintings at the Minneapolis Institute of Art), Karen Majewicz (Artist, Dreamland Faces), and Emily Winderman (University of Minnesota Assistant Professor, Communications Studies).

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